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It’s the end of summer offer! Well, not in Malaysia because it’s hot and humid throughout the whole year. Anyways, get Eyeko Cream and Tinted Cream set for only £8. It’s a bargain! Eyeko Cream is normally priced at £6 and Tinted Cream is £5. Hurry up, limited offer whilst stocks last.

Don’t forget to include the special ambassador code E2638 for free gift on your purchase. Free shipping worldwide~ Click here will lead you directly to the product.

Happy Shopping! Make Eyeko as your new favourite~

Traclyn Yeoh
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A Malaysian beauty blogger expressing her views on beauty and life's other superficial aspects. Not to mention, beauty tutorials to appease the die-hard beauty junkies.


  1. I want to try that cream so bad!! Aaaahhhh…..I hope the holidays atleast bring more money in so I can try it & the mascara.

    BTW, I mean to ask you, which part of Malaysia are you in? I started doing research on it & it sounds like an awesome place to visit & live, even if it’s hot & rainy but I love rain so I can deal with over 200 rainy days a year. It doesnt rain enough where I’m at. The grass is so dry because of water restrictions & cheap people. LOL But omg the pics are gorgeous, both the mountains & the city! I hope I hit the lotto so I can travel. You can send it to me in a message if you dont wanna put it out in the comments, I just got interested all of a sudden!


    P.S: Is Malay it’s own language or another dialect of Chinese? I cant find out on this page I’m reading!! Grr…I did find a few simple phrases. Like “Selamat pagi” which means Good Morning. ^^

  2. @Shinbi_Belldandy – Haha, you can give it a try and I don’t think it would be too expensive for you. I think 5 pounds is almost like 8 dollars? If you have the chance to try on the mascara, go ahead. I’m sure that you’ve seen my review.

    I’m from the city of Kuala Lumpur. I live in the ‘golden of triangle’. That’s what they call it for because it filled with many shopping complexes and many more. I think there’s like about 7 shopping complexes? It may sound too good to be true but yes I live near it and it’s busy and dusty!

    Bahasa Malaysia is our national language (bahasa = language and Malaysia = our country) and you got the meaning correct! There are three main races here Muslims, Chinese and Indians. Muslim speaks bahasa Malaysia, Chinese speaks Mandarin or other chinese dialects (eg. Cantonese, Hokkien, Hakka, Teochew, Fu Chow) and Indians speaks tamil. Most of us be able to speak bahasa Malaysia and some would able to pick other language. As for me I grew up with speaking English most of the time and in school I speak bahasa Malaysia (all learning was in that language) and I only pick up Cantonese by watching some Chinese drama shows. I don’t really know how to speak Mandarin. I could understand a little and speak a little.

    Hope this info helps!

  3. @voguefemme – Oh yes it does, majorly!! I figured Malaysia would be similar to Singapore. They’re both countries with different races & languages & stuff. Awesome! I think Singapore has over 5 official languages. Wow! So your parents didnt speak any Chinese to you when you were younger at home? Mom used to speak to me in Spanish but then as I got older, my skills went dormant because I had no one to talk to. But I did learn Japanese by myself at home on an online website but then again, those are dormant now too. Atleast if I go to Spain or Japan, I can ask for simple things. Haha!

    I hope your real estate is alot kinder than ours. If you live in a busy area, like the shopping district you live by, the rent/mortgage is HIGHER. It was ok for us when we first came because this town only had cows & old people, but then when they built it up, the market value soared. I felt bad for the cows though, they lost their home! =( Mom said they probably got moved to a nicer one but still, I liked driving by there. I’m a city girl so that was nature for me! XD We may have to move when mom retires though & once I finish school, I may go back up north because I cant afford anything but a room here but mom says that’s not safe & I wont have privacy. I’ll take a matchbox apartment as long as I can call it mine & not mine, lisa, harry & joe’s. LOL Too many people for one apartment (& bathroom…)!


    P.s: The cream isnt expensive, true, but I have an online shopping rule. If the shipping is more than half the cost of the item, I dont buy it unless I need it because it’s not worth it. I mean it would only be about $13 total but that $5 is another item I may buy, that’s why I’m gonna save up first & get the mascara & cream so it’ll balance out.

  4. @Shinbi_Belldandy – Actually more like Singapore is similar to Malaysia especially the food. Singapore is great for shopping though for some things that can’t be found in Malaysia. Yeap, I was brought up speaking English and as I grow up to learn other languages, I tend to mix them too .

    I don’t think they will ever bring this bulding down. If they were to develop my residential area, it would cost millions. I do enjoy that I live near shopping complexes but I hate that it’s dusty, crime rates are getting higher and many imigrants around making everything so dirty around. Well up until now I could only wish if I can ever have my own room. I only have like half and the rest of other things are my brothers although I picked the wall color. I’ve been organizing things around to make it look nicer and have my things in. Sometimes I do miss that I had a room for myself when I was in Melbourne although it was smaller back then.

    Eyeko’s shipping is free worldwide dear. They are shipping from UK and give them like about 14 days max for international shipping but many get their things in just a week.

  5. @voguefemme – FREE?! That changes things…LOL Maybe I’ll be able to get it next week! But yeah the UK is pretty fast, a week tops. Customs isnt too bad.

    Have you thought of getting a house or apartment with friends? Even if you got a studio apartment (or loft, I dont know what they call it there. haha) you can divide it up. Often times the studios are cheaper than apartments. We havent had major crime incidents here, thank God, but I dont like working late when I have to walk home. Granted, my (hopefully soon to be FORMER) job is across the street but after 10, it gets dark & deserted & a young woman walking alone is a prime target.

  6. @Shinbi_Belldandy – Haha, many took the chance order from them mainly because they give free shipping and I think that’s the best thing out of Eyeko.

    I would love to move out but there are things I still could not let go at home. My responsibilities over my parents especially when both of my brothers are not always at home. It’s not that my parents couldn’t take care of themselves but their relationship aren’t in a good state for years, hence as it result to family matters since I was young. I stay with them just in case if there’s anything happen to them, I’ll be there for them.

    Talk about crime, I was once almost got my bag snatched but the thief failed. I once saw a girl’s handbag got snatched right in front of my eyes. Further away from my residential area, two person got murdered from fights about 3-4 years ago. It’s really bad, and now it’s flooded with immigrants. Every time I leave the house I always afraid if something might happen, that is why I always go out with company.

  7. @voguefemme – It’s sweet of you to stay & help your parents! ::HUG:: I’m at home partly because I have no choice. I cant afford to live on my own, that’s why I’m hoping this job comes through so I can work up to being able to get a place of my own, or atleast be more independent.

    I dont blame you for not going out alone, it’s crazy that going to the store for ice cream can be dangerous. Is mace/pepper spray illegal in Malaysia? If not, I would invest in a can & keep it for protection. I carry a cutter in my purse, no lie. It looks like a gum wrapper so if someone tries to attack me, I will go for a piece of “chewing gum” then make my exit. XD

  8. @Shinbi_Belldandy – Well one day I’m sure you’ll be able to do so. I wish I have my own apartment too sometimes but they are really expensive here even just the rental. Pepper spray are legal and everywhere but to think of when some one attacks you, what are the chances of taking out the pepper spray in time? I never had one though but the cutter sounds more efficient.LOL! 

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