Fluoro Party at Room Nightclub

Party? Let’s go party! What a great event that the SSAA has come out with. It’s just the starting of the semester and I enjoyed very much.

Alright, what the Fluoro Party is all about? This party is FREE especially for Swinburne students (need to show them our student card) and other mates from different universities will need to pay $10. Those who were going are to dress in striking bright colors. What’s the point of naming it ‘Fluoro’ when you don’t brighten yourself in the club?

The club is so packed with people at 8:30pm. I was hoping I wasn’t overdressed for the night. I’ve just grabbed my MNG Basic top with jeans and match it with knee-high boots. Everyone in there enjoyed dancing and drinking so much. I just drank a come of lemonade vodka, it taste good but I’ve gotten thirstier. Later, my friends and I got bored and we went back to our apartment. Haha! We opened up our own vodka bottle and played cards with it. This is like a norm to us. We do this like every week to kill boredom. We know it’s unhealthy but what else can we do? Any idea?

Traclyn Yeoh
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