Umai-Ya Japanese Restaurant

Umai-Ya has been one of my favorite place to dine for Japanese food.  Every time that I went there is for the lunch buffet. The buffet is limited to selected menu but I could tell you the menu is enough to feed you for the entire day!

The restaurant  has two floors, lower ground has lesser seating with short Japanese tables and with second floor you get to sit around in Japanese and/or normal style. As you can see these are the usual styles of seating and you can either dine in a room-like (can be close using the curtains) or face to face cushion seats. The waitress is very polite and they even provide baby chairs, you definitely can dine in with your family here! With the dim light and cushion seats, the environment is really cozy, exclusive and family-friendly ~ It’s more like a modern Japanese style and for the short Japanese tables, you must remove your footwear before entering the zone! Don’t worry, there’s no record of shoe stealer yet.

Bottles of varies Japanese liquor shown on the display and also little snacks that comes from Japan too. Su-goi-neh~

I could definitely assure you that most of their food is fresh because our orders kept coming from the counter here and you can tell how good the food is when you taste it.

As posh as it is even their wooden chopsticks includes their very own label.

The menu may seems limited but not until you see how much food my friends and I ordered. We stayed at the restaurant at the start till the end of the buffet time. It’s a Happy Hour Eat and Drink All You Can and it definitely worth every penny if you enjoy lots of food like I do. You could repeat the orders if you wish to add more but of course don’t be too gullible and over-order it. We don’t want to waste food here, alright?

The plate is too cute! We even ask the waitress where can we look for these plates and heard that it’s imported from Japan. Wow! Alright let’s see what we had!

That glorious food! Isn’t that some awesome one? I can say most of them taste really good, I highly recommend this buffet! The buffet includes from appetizers to dessert. The green tea ice cream is a must try, delicious!

If you’re interested on their lunch buffet, please check at their Umai-Ya’s website for more details.

However I’m not too sure if it’s halal for the food but alcohol beverages is served on the menu. They have two location at the moment, the one I went is located in Damansara Uptown. I recommend calling up for reservation before walking into the restaurant because sometimes it could get a lot of people. The earliest duration for reservation is a week before the date.

49A Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel:03-7726 4410
Fax: 03-7726 4470

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    • Yeap. I love it so much too! My friends and I go crazy about it and eat massive~

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