Unboxing HiShop Beauty Ambassadors May 2013 Surprise Pack

Here I continue my journey as one of the HiShop Beauty Ambassador and I received my May 2013 surprise just last week. It came in a bigger box than the previous month which got me more excited to find out what’s inside. However, it came with more than just surprises and you’ll find out why soon.

HiShop Beauty Ambassadors May 2013 Surprise 2

If you’re a blogger and interested to be part of HiShop Beauty Ambassador, you can join here. The content of the boxes are selected based on your preference from survey form that needs to be filled.

HiShop Beauty Ambassadors May 2013 Surprise - Vouchers

A welcome note from the pack is not just a note, they have also included for readers like you to get MYR 20.00 rebate off from your total purchase with the minimum of MYR 99.00 purchase. Just include HISURPRISE at your checkout to redeem it! There are also vouchers from HiShop, White.my and MilkADeal. I received four items from this pack and let’s go through what they are.

HiShop Beauty Ambassadors May 2013 Surprise - Scent Affair Fragrant Bodywash in Pomegranate

Scent Affair Fragrant Bodywash in Pomegranate

“Antioxidant rich pomegranate extracts help to fight free radicals that causes skin damage, leaving your skin feeling irresistibly sexy and silky smooth.”

I have never came across this brand and just found out that they are locally made. This is an alcohol-free bodywash and weighs at 275ml. Since this is pomegranate, it has that pleasant sweet refreshing scent and I find that they are quite inexpensive.

Price: MYR 7.80

HiShop Beauty Ambassadors May 2013 Surprise - Jelly Pong Pong Brazilian Sun

Jelly Pong Pong Brazilian Sun

“Give yourself that post-beach holiday glow with our Brazilian Sun. Puff the bronze dust all over your face, legs, arms & décolleté. The satiny-matte powder is perfect for highlighting your features and giving you that sculpted, sun-kissed finish. Contains Titanium Dioxide to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. “

This was one of my excitement until I opened it. The packaging is pretty cute but its quite bulky in a way, I would say that it will serve as a great decoration on your vanity too. It comes with a huge flower puff but once I removed it, I found that my bronzer has shattered about 80% of it. I was quite disappointed but since it has shattered so much, I felt like crushing them all to make it as loose powder instead. I think the shade that I have here is called Brazilian Sun and its a soft brown shade with peach undertone and light shimmer. They are currently having sales of 56% off for this!

Price: MYR 89.00

HiShop Beauty Ambassadors May 2013 Surprise - Supermodel Stain by Jelly Pong Pong

Jelly Pong Pong Supermodel Stain Lip Gloss and Cheek Blusher in Nymphette

“There is nothing emaciated about this deeply pigmented cream colour. Use our Supermodel Stain to smudge onto cheeks or tap onto lips for a very exciting wash of colour. Comes in a sexy crimson compact with mirror for added convenience. Beautifully scented, the long lasting formula holds through all skin types.

Bonus: Contains castor seed oil and beeswax for their moisturizing properties. Also enables you to achieve a smooth, even application.”

This comes in a very cute and glam packaging. Its a tiny product weighs at 2.2grams or 0.8 oz. that comes with a full size mirrorand definitely travel friendly. This is cream based and because this doesn’t come with applicator, I’ll have to use my finger or brush to apply. This shade is fiery red color,  buildable and has that sweet chocolate scent.  This is also on sale of 56% off now.

Price: MYR 80.00

HiShop Beauty Ambassadors May 2013 Surprise - Twistband


“· Comfortable, never painful headbands
· Over half a dozen awesome tye dye colours
· Affordable enough to collect every one

A good hairband is impossible to find in Malaysia. While scrunchies were hot in the 80s, they are definitely not today.

It’s time we rock our hairstyle with something more fun, sophisticated and of good quality. Twistbands are chic headbands that keep your hair secure without pulling or leaving marks.

Best of all, they look as good on your wrists as they do in your ponytail.”

I have never heard of this brand before and I almost mistaken this as a bookmark when I first see it until I read the description. The one I have here is called Hot Pink, the material is soft and it reminds me of elastic ribbons. However, I find that it’s slightly flimsy that the edge of my Twistband began to fray.

Price: MYR 16.00 – MYR 38.00



This month’s surprise pack is quite a handful of things that I would really use. The only disappointment is the shattered bronzer but I could still use it.  Most of the things in the box is something I have not tried but they are great to discover.

My Rating: 4/5

If you’re interested to purchase any of the products above, click the banner below and start shopping! HiShop offers FREE nationwide delivery when you purchase above MYR 50.00. In my opinion, try to check out on the Jelly Pong Pong goodies since they are on sale for more than half off.

Also. if you like to receive the latest update from HiShop, give a like on their Facebook below and stay tuned for more!


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