Unboxing WonderBox October 2012

WonderBox is another beauty box subscription available in Malaysia. Seems like the beauty box subscription is getting more popular and we personally will get what’s offered locally and internationally. The box is simple and beautiful like a jewellery box!

I received mine yesterday morning in my office but I couldn’t put myself to open it because I don’t have my camera with me to snap photos. If I were to open it, I don’t know if I could tie the ribbon beautifully like they did. What I must say is they also wrap it with bubble wrap firmly, let me repeat firmly! It doesn’t slide or budge from it until you remove the tape. Let’s check out what’s inside!

Starts with a card by WonderBox where it includes the items with description for the month. For WonderBox, subscribers will be given up to 5 samples of premium cosmetics and beauty products. I just wish that they could include the price, therefore its easier to know the worth of the products. As for me, the price will also be useful when it comes to reviewing the product.

Sothys HOMME’s Tri-Active Cleanser 15ml/0.5fl.oz

It’s a cleanser which helps to regenerate and repairs skin with fresh and light texture to soothe and soften sensitive skin. With the card tied around the sample, it’s a QR code with special discount.

The Body Shop Strawberry Bath Shower Gel 60ml/2.0 fl. oz

Cleansing gel for shower that leaves skin feeling clean, refresh and scented. This is not sample size, it’s their miniature size of shower gels!

Elianto Princezna Mascara (full size)

This mascara helps to volumize and lengthen lashes with unique Twist brush. Contains vitamin E and protein rich keratin for healthier lashes. I think I have not try any of Elianto’s mascara yet and this mascara sounds promising.

Clinelle Blemish Clear 15ml/0.5 fl.oz. (full size)

Helps to fasten skin healing process, tighten enlarge pores, relief skin pain, inflammation and clears acne in just 1-2 days. This comes in handy for my skin type since I have acne-prone skin. I’ll try this!

Clinelle SnoWhite Mask 50ml/1.7fl.oz (full size)

This mask helps to brighten skin and at the same time, strengthens skin barrier as well as maintaining skin hydration. I have seen this mask in our local drugstores and supermarket but don’t know how good is this.  This will be great to explore.


WOW! Three full sized items? It’s definitely worth more than what we are paying. What attracted me the most is the Clinelle Blemish Clear and I hope that it work on me. However, its quite a long wait for the box of the month since they deliver before 25th of each month and for this month they have delivered on 22nd, I received it the next day in the morning at 9am-ish. Everything else is just fine!

Price: MYR39.90

Collection Status: Monthly

Availability: WonderBox.com.my

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My rating: 4.8/5

~ ♦ ~

This is a complimentary box provided by WonderBox, please refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh
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