Understanding Color Wheel To Color Correct Your Tones

Color wheel is used in many aspects such as home decor, art  and beauty. I would relate color wheel to beauty as to share with you how useful they are in helping to perfect our complexion on daily basis or long term.

Understanding Color Wheel To Color Correct Your Tones - Basic Color Wheel

Image Courtesy of Designs By Firgs

Here is a basic color wheel which is simpler and easier to understand. This wheel consist of primer and secondary colors.  What we need to understand from color wheel is that they are a guide for us to neutralize skin tones. Amazing huh?

Say for example, you have redness at the sides of your nose. You could use  green color corrector cream or makeup base to neutralize it before your foundation. Now your question for me would be, why green?

Look at the color wheel and it helps to determine which color that helps to neutralize it. So for the redness, the opposite color is green!

Understanding Color Wheel To Color Correct Your Tones - Extended Color WheelImage Courtesy of HGTV

This is a much more elaborated color wheel which gives us more choice to understand more on how we could correct color as well as to find a better match of color that needs to be corrected. Another example I could share with you is  dark circles. Some tend to be bluish and some tend to be purplish. In this case, best to pick orange or yellow to neutralize each color accordingly.

Now that CC creams are all over the markets, they are one of multi-functional cream that color corrects and becomes your makeup base at the same time. They could come with many other beneficial skin care properties such as whitening, mattifying, oil control and etc. With color wheel, it will help you to pick which CC cream that suits you.

If you’re not a fan of CC cream, you can always opt for color correcting creams which can be found in Sephora or departmental stores. Selective makeup brands do have them but they are pretty limited. After applying color correcting cream, you can then dab in the concealer and followed by foundation.

Hope this helps to guide you to create that flawless skin!


Traclyn Yeoh
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