Video: Back To The Basics – Applying False Lashes

There was once, a good friend of mine asked me if I know how to apply false lashes. Of course I do and I even put on false lashes for her when I did her makeup a while back. I didn’t get what’s the fear of wearing false lashes until she told me that she’s worried if she might end up jabbing it into her eyes. That sounds rather scary but trust me, applying false lashes is nothing close to that. Not at all!

I figured creating a tutorial with some basic demonstration on how to apply false lashes will help for those who has same fear as my friend or wants to try false lashes. This is just one of the ways to apply false lashes, there are a few more ways.

Back To The Basics - Applying False Lashes - Traclyn Yeoh

The false lashes that I’m wearing is from Hyakuland (located in Berjaya Times Square)for only MYR 5.00 and if you happen to be in Japan, you can find it from 100¥ store. I do like Japanese lashes because they last long, looks natural and the lash band is not too thick.

Back To The Basics - Applying False Lashes - Traclyn Yeoh 2

The false lashes that I wore here is not much of a length but voluminous and I like that it looks really natural on me. Don’t you think so?

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