Video: Gyaru Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Japanese makeup, I would say never gone out of style and one of the styles that kept going is Gyaru. Its one of the sub-culture of Japanese street fashion, other famous fashion are like Shinjuku or Harajuku. I noticed that Gyaru trends are more on the glamorous side such as blings, circle lenses, false lashes and greatly bleached hair. Personally, I don’t have bleached hair which is why I called this inspired makeup. Its just a simple Gyaru makeup tutorial featuring Kiss Me makeup, enjoy!

Great things about Kiss Me makeup is that I find it multi functional without being to oily over the skin especially the cream blusher and you can see how opaque is it over my eyelids and cheeks.

Gyaru Inspired Makeup - Traclyn Yeoh 2

This look is cute and let’s say if I didn’t put this bow hair, it would look really sweet and delicate.

Gyaru Inspired Makeup - Traclyn Yeoh 3

Pose for the typical peace sign like many Japanese girls would do. PEACE!

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