Video: Makeup Duo Eye Brows – Traclyn & Fidah

This is the first time that my BFF joined me in my video! This ain’t the first time of her helping me out with my videos and I really appreciate her help so much. In this video, we are sharing the fun of helping her how to fill her brows with Kiss Me Heavy Rotation makeups. She has a beautiful pair of brows, just need some soft touch to perfect them. Enjoy the video!

I had so much fun filming this video and I hope she did too. If you would like to have to see more BFF  video, please let me know!

Makeup Duo Eye Brows - Traclyn & Fidah 3

As we were chatting on the other day, we only noticed that we have been friends for 15 years now. We get along very well together and time really flies that we didn’t notice how long we have been friends. I only used two Kiss Me Heavy Rotation makeup on here and can you see how her brows is still looking soft, natural and evenly full? If you would like to keep yourself updated with Kiss Me Malaysia’s update, don’t forget to like their Facebook below!

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