Video: One Hairtie Easy Bow Hair

Bow hair was popular because of Lady Gaga and I was never a fan of bow hair plus I was too lazy to style my hair. Now that my hair is getting longer, I try to find ways to style it. A couple of weeks ago, I was playing around with my hair and discovered a way to create this bow hair with only one hair tie. Oh yes, I have Instagram-ed it and I thought sharing it out as a tutorial could be fun. This is a very cute hair style that anyone with long hair could achieve it.

Pretty simple eh? For layered hair like mine, some part of the hair might come out which is why I recommend using hair wax or gel for better control. If your hair is thick and heavy weighed, I recommend to use a few bobby pins.

One Hairtie Bow Hair - Traclyn Yeoh 2

This hair style/up-do is really cute and you could wear it casually or occasionally depending on how you like it.

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    • Thanks and do try it out if you’re interested! Don’t forget to share it with me if you do, will be happy to see how it turns out on you.

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