Waffle Mania, Yummy Belgian Waffles!

Waffle is my old time favorite dessert and my sweet tooth couldn’t refrain these waffles with I first saw it during my food hunting at Tiny Taipei of Berjaya Times Square. Personally, I only ate those normal waffle but what Waffle Mania offers is Belgian waffle. Belgian waffles are usually quite expensive but I find this still affordable.

Waffle Mania - Belgium Waffle - Samples

Over their stall there’s sample for you to try and their waffle are made 100% milk, promising that their waffle is crispy outside and chewy inside.

Waffle Mania - Belgium Waffle - Menu

They  have their menu displayed in front of the cashier and there are eight flavors to choose from. I have tried Marshmallow and Strawberry Frozen Yogurt, they both their special flavors. This is not the first time of me eating this Belgian Waffle from Waffle Mania.

Waffle Mania - Belgium Waffle - In The Making

Their waffle is pre-made and heat it over the waffle maker then add in the flavor that has been ordered. Depending on what you’ve ordered, they’ll make sure that you’ll get your waffle warm.

Waffle Mania - Belgium Waffle - Marshmallow

This is the first flavor that I tried on my first purchase and never forget how awesome it tasted. Its the Marshmallow where the waffle is topped with chocolate syrup,  crushed peanut and mini marshmallow. The waffle indeed crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. What I love is the entire waffle is warm yet that it doesn’t get soggy and I’m a big fan of marshmallow. The marshmallow was warm too that the insides are melting. Yummy! This cost MYR 5.50 and if you add MYR 1.90, you get to choose lemonade or mineral water.

Waffle Mania - Belgium Waffle 2

Waffle Mania are now only available at Tiny Taipei in Berjaya Times Square, I highly recommend on their waffle. Especially if you don’t mind treating yourself with some sweetness. If you would like to support them, please give them a thumbs up on their Facebook below!

They can be found at,
Lot K-03-05, Level 3, Berjaya Times Square,
No. 1, Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

[gmap addr=” No. 1, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur”]Berjaya Times Square[/gmap]


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