Sushi Madness!!!

Today, my boyfriend and I took the opportunity to stop by at Sushi King for lunch knowing that they have a promotion. It’s the Sushi King Card RM2 Bonanza, please click on the link for further details or you can read the terms and condition from the picture below.

There’s heaps of sushi around!!!

It’s just RM2 for each sushi plate. Terms and condition apply. If you happen to go there, do ask for which sushi plates that are not entitled for RM2. Those plates with incomplete colored circles are at normal price. Just be careful on which plates you picking. This is the damage for the two of us!

We ate the total of 19 plates! Hahaha, RM2 is really a good deal. It may cut almost half price for certain dishes. What are you waiting for??? Go for the deal! Tomorrow is the last day for West Malaysia. For East Malaysia, you won’t be left out. It will start on 20-23 April 2009. Just make sure you are a sushi card holder or you can always borrow from a friend who has it

Traclyn Yeoh
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