Great Shopping Deals Episode 12

Yesterday, I caught myself shopping in Daiso for a couple of hours! Haha, I bet many of us do it so when you see heaps of bargain make-ups. Anyways, I have not only picked up make-up products but I also picked up on a divider partition and a bag of polyethylene sheet for storage uses on my newly arrange working desk a.k.a. make-up desk. I have a very limited space around my house that’s why I’m trying to organize things around so much. On the top right corner of the picture is a Jappling table mirror I picked from Ikea that cost me only for RM5. So basically my hauls for yesterday is only for RM5 on each items. Let’s look on what make-up products I have picked alright?

Everbilena Two-tone Concealer. It comes with one darker and one lighter shade, basically I can use it as concealer and contouring or maybe mixing to the right shade if the lighter shade is way to fair on my skin.

Micro eyepowder in Plum. When I saw this, it instantly reminded me on L’oreal Bare Naturale Eyeshadow Mineral. The packaging looks really similar.

Ellefar Jewel Eyecolor, I read good reviews on it from Lynn in Jewel Eyecolor from Daiso and Connie in Reviews: Cheap Eyeshadows– The Good & Bad. So I’ll just give myself a try on this.

Ellefar Double Eye Pencil in Dark Brown. I love duo ended stuffs and this eyeliner will be a good try for me.

Ellefar Magical Mascara Volume in Dark Brown. I was searching over for black mascaras but most of them are out.

Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid Essence in 5ml each. I’m taking up a precaution step towards my skin

Aloe Bubbling Make-Up Remover. I was out with vaseline to make my own make-up remover, so I picked this up and I always love aloe vera, it’s my holy grail!

Can you believe it that I have purchase each items for only RM5? If you want this items you may head down to your nearest Daiso. For those who’s not sure if their country has any, please check on Daiso Store Information. Certain goods may not be found in different outlets around the world and with different prices. As for Malaysia, everything is for RM5 in Daiso. Anyways, I love shopping at Daiso! I felt so happy and satisfied over my Daiso shopping cravings . Thanks to Jowie!

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. some of daiso stuff works very well.
    girl you should have told me you are looking for mascara.
    got this one very good one wanna recommend you from daiso 😛

  2. @claire8688 – Yeaps, they are reliable. Many beauty bloggers use them as well. Cheap make-ups doesn’t mean that they don’t work. Always try on their testers before you buy. In this case in Daiso, they don’t have testers on everything, so just do some research and read about them. I just want to break stereotype about cheap make-ups, they can be good for the price you pay.

    @LyNn – I was just picking up the mascara randomly. I was looking for great volume mascara for sometime. Which mascara are you saying?

  3. erm. the brand is in japanese ler.
    but it volumes and lengthens too
    volume almost as good as maybelline volum express
    but length better than maybelline.
    really love it ler 🙂

  4. I’m not very keen on Daiso makeup (except for the blush, that one’s good), but I love the place all the same. Great homeware at such low prices 😛 

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