Unexpected Package Delivery

An unexpected package came today. It was a large-sized envelope and crumpled almost the whole of the envelope. I wasn’t expecting any package at all and I felt really weird. So, I thought maybe someone send me a ‘surprise’ package. I was so thrilled and excited, wondering what is in there. When I opened the package…

It’s Sunsilk 10 Days Damaged Hair Reconstruction Program samples. It’s not any ‘surprise’ package but I applied for this samples and I forgotten about it. I had the sampling redeemption posted in Hot Specials from CLEO & Female Magazine in April 2009. It came with five pieces of booklets.

Each booklet has samples of a shampoo, nourishing conditioner, intensive treatment and control leave-on.

Also included in the booklet, a form to stand a chance to appear in a reality show and win prizes. Can I just win the prizes and not appear in the reality show? Hahaha! Anyways, I will give this a try and do a review on it. This is Sunsilk’s new product in their hair care range, Sunsilk Damage Hair Reconstruction.

p/s: I will have a surprise for everyone next week. So stay tune for it!

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I love surprises!! Cant wait to see it! I havent tried Sunsilk but I heard it was good. I rotate between VO5/Suave & Dove. Those are usually what I can afford. I miss working in the hair salon. We had this shampoo that smelled like Cherries!! It was so good I wanted to eat it!! I mean it’s a huge pump bottle but when u get the shampoo & conditioner, it’s like $40+ dollars. I gotta get that on a good day. I wont be shopping for a while though. I just got glasses yesterday. I have 3 months to pay off $302. I’m glad I got the account with the store. They said I can pay as little as a dollar until I pay it off. I barely get work hours but I’ll see what I can do. I’m optimistic!


    P.S: Are you on facebook or myspace? I have both but I prefer facebook now. If they start charging or keep changing the format I may just use myspace because it’s getting confusing!!

  2. wah they quite generous lor give so many.
    i wanna try their mask.
    but debating among pantene and sunsilk.
    see which one cheaper.
    since its just an extra step.

  3. @Shinbi_Belldandy – Mina, I think everyone loves surprises!!! I love VO5 too especially on their volume conditioner.
    Wow, I couldn’t imagine smelling like cherries all the time. It must be really yummy. I love the smell of vanilla better .  I’m on facebook, if you look at my main page I have my badge there on the right panel.

    @LyNn – Yeah, 10 days supply was quite a lot. I thought they might as well give it in a form of bottle so much more easier. I haven’t been treating my hair well, so this is the time!

    @claire8688 – Hahaha, not really lucky I guess. I applied for samples and maybe I’m selected to be getting it.

  4. what if the original owner of the package is still waiting for the package?? HAHAHA!!~ 

    do you have any ideal who might’ve sent u that package?  boyfriend? ex-boyfriend? BFF?  parents? grandparents?

  5. @kouki_monster – err…as I said in the post, I applied for the samples. It’s from Female Magazine company. I meet my boyfriend almost everyday, I live with my parents, I don’t have any grandparents, bff rather meet up and ex-bf no longer in contact at all. The package has my name on it anyways…

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