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Autumn is here but it’s getting cold very bad in Melbourne. It’s even colder than the last winter. This is where everybody started to gear up to thick and knit wear also stylish coats to keep themselves warm for this cold season.

What I wore today was pretty simple. A white turtle neck top with a black spaghetti top and pair it with a pair of skinny jeans. Because the style is so simple, I decided to wear something which stands out from my appearance, a pair of red kitten heel peep toe. I manage to dress up even though I was late for class  and I forgot to take any coat with me. Brrr…! It was so cold out there! Thank God, the buildings have central heating. So it’s quite comfortable to study. I’ll be busy for another couple of weeks because many assignments are pilling up. Therefore, I will try to update as often as I can. I can’t wait for the semester to finish!

Sorry the picture is pretty blur. I will work it out on that.

Traclyn Yeoh

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  1. The same old, Yeoh Mei Shu (sp)  :p
    Didn’t know that you are currently living in Melbourne. Anyway, Glad that you are still alive

  2. @amysBlog – haha amiang~  hehe.. yeah i came to melbourne last july. i’ll be heading back in august i hope. missing home now…how have u been doing?

  3. I hope you wont be surprise that I’m studying in Melbourne (In fact, i also came to Melbourne last July) 
    I miss home too and also my mom’s cooking. As always, busy, busy and busy (So many assignment to be done). My final exam is coming (June) and I’m still day dreaming of my mom’s cooking and of course, Mid-year break
    What about you? What have you been up to?

  4. @amysBlog – Where are you studying? I’m in Swinburne Uni finishing my last year here. So, this is my last sem and I’m finishing my course by 4th June with no exams! weee~ Good Luck with your exams anyways.  Although I don’t have any exams but I’m having assignments due almost every week in May. (struggle!)

    I’m still good in life. Enjoying every moment with my hubby and friends around me.Will enjoy life after 4th June!!! When will you be going home?

    We should meet up some day since I’m still in Melbourne. Where are you staying for now? I will be here till August cuz’ I have to wait for my bond to come back to me.

  5. I’m studying at RMIT Uni. If you are around Melbourne Central, you can SMS me coz my Uni is just around the corner. Finish so soon? Are you planning to work here after you finish your course? Thanks, i really need a Luck (As you know, I’m lazy to study ).

    Its good to hear that you are happy on what you do. Keep it up, as you always do. I think I’m going back in December. But i have to be back here, to do my last semester.

    Yeah. Its been a long time that we haven’t seen each other. I’m free at the end of Jun till July (Mid-year Break). After that, My 2nd semester starts. I’m living in Brunswick Street (Fitzroy Sub).Its somewhere near Melbourne Museum (Carlton Gardens).

  6. RMIT? i knew a couple of friends from there where i used to work. Oh well i go to the city quite often for shopping   You’ve gotta give me ur cell phone no. for me to SMS u by the way. send it to my inbox or something. im staying in glenferrie just nearby the uni.

    I’m gonna go back because first, i promised my mum that if i were to come here i will return home. now, she has changed her mind letting me stay here but i didn’t wanna stay. second, i don’t wanna leave my family behind, i have responsibilities over them (miss my mum’s food too). third, i miss my family and friends and i want to be in the circle again. fourth, i want to live life where im really free of tied down budget because when i came here i tend to save my money from spending but i do sometimes reward myself by shopping and that is not as much as i have pampered myself back in KL.fifth, my everything is in KL. my belongings, i wanna use them, my whole life is from there. I think thats enough for the reasoning

    it seems that u’re living quite a distance away tho. how’s the rent and place like? I’ve been to the museum with my friends when Ririn came over to visit me.

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