My Birthday is Here…

Last Saturday, it was an advanced birthday of mine and I was set up! I thought I coincidentally saw my bestfriends, Ryn and Fyda at Pavillion.

My other two more high school friends arrived about 3 hours later after I ‘coincidentally’ bumped into my best friends and all started to sing happy birthday song~

I was laughing my way out in disbelief. It was Jowie’s plan and I didn’t know about it at all. He was part of setting me up, I felt dumb thinking that how ‘coincidental’ everything was…

I was extremely happy for this surprise. Although there wasn’t any presents but the surprise was really good and they gotten me Chocolate Mud Cake from Secret Recipe (my favourite ever since high school). I wasn’t prepared at all and didn’t really dress up nicely with make-up like my other friends. I had to leave as soon as I finished my piece of cake to visit my mother in the hospital. I felt really bad but I do hope that they enjoy themselves gathering together because many of us is always busy with our own stuff. This surprise made my day, was smiling for the whole day. I felt contented. Thanks to Jowie, Fyda, Ryn, Azzura and Yeen for this lovely surprise! My exact birth date is on 7th April by the way…

p/s: I will announce the Shiseido Mini Contest this week. Thanks for being so patient.

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. Traclyn…

    Sorry….I’ve been bz preparing for the exam. I forgot ur birthday…huhu T_T sorry..

    Neway..happy __ birthday! ^_^ (fill in the blank)

  2. @whit – Thanks a lot! Hope to see you around more often.

    @prettybeautiful – hahaha, they are sneaky aight? my boyfriend got involved in it too!

    @skylarkz – It’s alright! Better concentrate on your exams. It’s my 23rd birthday, I know the number it’s getting bigger but I’m young at heart!

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