Nose Shadow Review

Yes, weird as it is from the name of the product. This product was from Daiso and I think they no longer available in Daiso Malaysia. Never seen them around for sometime. It comes with two different powders, one is shimmery white as highlighter and one look like rusty matte brown as bronzer. I would say not many would like this especially the bronzer. Anyone who uses it has to be light handed or else, your skin will turn out to look ‘rusty’. Even with my tan skin, my face could posibbly look ‘rusty’ with that bronzer. Not many shades selection, there was like only two I guess. One is this one which is in normal and the other one I don’t know what’s it’s name. However, I really like the highlighter. I use it to highlight my brow bone (just need to use very little and it makes my brow bone stand out so much) and I love it when I pick it up with my blush brush and sweep it all over my cheeks after blushing. It makes my skin appear looking radiant and glowing healthy. The highlight doesn’t make you shine like a disco ball if you apply lightly.

Highlighter works very well on brow bone and cheeks
Highlighter gives radiant glow

Bronzer works at minimal level
Bronzer gives ‘rusty’ look
Not available globally

My rating: 3.5/5

p/s: Dear US readers, please check product availability at Daiso Japan Online Store USA.

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. Rusty or orange is always a problem with bronzer. I’m glad I found a bronzing powder that works for me. I hate when I see pale as cocaine white people use bronzer & come out looking like they walked out of an orange juice commercial or they rolled in mud. You have to build up your color. So many people ask what tanner I use & this is my natural skin color. I dont tan at all. I did try a self tanner on my legs once & it was nice but I hated the process. I had to wait FOREVER for it to soak in & dry.


  2. Hey, that would be a nice dupe for MAC Sculpt. Yeah, that bronzer’s a “rusty”. There’s quite a red undertone to it. If I had that on me, I would look like I had dirt on my face, lol. I guess you can buy a different bronzer that works for you and just use that highlighter since its works well for you?

  3. If I’m not wrong I saw a similar product in Sasa…
    You can use any light brown eyeshadow for contouring your nose, that’s what I usually do 😀

  4. @Shinbi_Belldandy – I get it when you say ‘orange’ because some people overdo their tan and turned ‘orange’. I’ve seen it in real life and I was like ‘poor girl’. I seldom bronze on my cheeks actually because I have narrow cheeks and I want to have chubby cheeks.  I have never to go tanning, not even self-tanning because I was really active in sports when I was in school and Malaysia is sunny all year round. That’s why I’m so freaking dark. Sad isn’t it?

    @LyNn – But I think the highlighter did a great job on my skin. I know what you can do with it, just use it as eyeshadow.

    @Dee – Really? I never buy MAC products at all. I couldn’t afford them at all, they are really expensive here. I could imagine how does a face with dirt look like and I bet this would do the same if I overdo it. Love the highlighter and will use it more often on my tutorials.

    @Vonnie – There is one similiar product and this is definitely cheaper but quality wise not too sure. Yeah, sometimes using eyeshadows ie better than using bronzer but will have to use matte ones. At least I pick the right shade to contour my nose.

  5. @voguefemme – LOL no not sad. As long as you wear SPF, you’re good. I hate living in FL but I always cover up & use my SPF. I hate hearing ignorant people say they dont care & walk around like whatever. If they dont end up with skin cancer, they’ll look 30 years older than they are with alligator skin & freckles. One girl from school I couldnt stand because she had a smug attitude would tan in the salon & then the beach. She better enjoy looking good while she can…

  6. @Shinbi_Belldandy – After those schooling days of not wearing any sunblock, I regretted and now I’m too tan. Wasn’t aware of the importance of sunblock back then. Now I carry a bottle of sunblock and umbrella everywhere I go. Haha, they will learn one day….

  7. @voguefemme – I love my sunhat. People love it too. I wish I could find it again!! I guard this hat like gold. It’s big but not space saucer big & I can fold it in my bag. I should take a pic in it. Haha!

    Dont feel too bad. When we’re young, we dont know about the sun like we should. I dont think that will come back to haunt us. Some girls dont learn or get into skin care until their teens & 20s. I started early because mom sold Mary Kay so I used hers. LOL.

  8. @Shinbi_Belldandy – Yeah I learned a lot from it when I start looking up seriously in taking care of my skin. That’s why country like here have whitening products and I’m one of the users using them. Haha, just sneak out some Mary Kay products from your mum . Are they good? I never get a chance to use them.

  9. @voguefemme – Mary Kay has EXCELLENT Skincare. The make up is good but it’s more for….how do I say it…mature tastes in make up. Like casual, subtle. No glitters or bright, wild colors. Only reds,pinks, berries, neutrals. I loved the lipstick thought but when I ran out, I went to the MAC counter since it was the same price & I fell in love with endless color selection. The skin care is reasonable but when my money situation changed, I needed something I can buy cheaper & from the store, so that’s why I went to Aveeno.

    I think you’re pretty just the way you are! You dont need those whitening products….those things make me so nervous anyway. I always wonder what’s in those things to lighten the skin & if they’re safe. One girl blogged about some special soap & it works but I still wonder if they’re ok. I’m always the worrywart. LOL

  10. @Shinbi_Belldandy – Oh alright, Mary Kay is like is considered as the high end cosmetic here.

    Haha, since I have the chance to use them I will use and thanks for the compliment. If I didn’t use any whitening products I wouldn’t have look fairer a little. I’m a Chinese and not many Chinese would look this tan. Really? What soap is that? I would love to see it.

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