May You Rest in Peace

On Monday morning, I have received a SMS from Alvin, my brother. He left the message saying do not wear any red clothing because my grandpa has passed away. It is the Chinese tradition not to wear red during when there is a funeral. He told me I need not to fly back to Malaysia and let me know the details later in the evening. I almost fall apart, I broke into tears. My tears are running like water taps but I couldn’t help it. How I wish to have the chance to fly back to support my family but I just couldn’t. I do not have enough money to go back.

Later in the evening, I have received a phone call from Alvin. On the other side, Alvin passed his cell phone to my mum. My mum starting to tell me all about grandpa, how he had showed symptoms before leaving us. I could hear my mum’s voice was shivering. She even told me, first thing that I have to do the next morning is to pray for forgiveness for not being at the funeral. I remembered and I did.


Please forgive me for not being there. No matter what I am still your grandchild who will always remember you. God bless you, may you rest in peace.’

I hope everything goes smoothly. I felt sorry and guilty for not being there and with my family. I just can’t do anything but to just move on with my studies in Melbourne. I hope everyone understands.

Traclyn Yeoh
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