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Hey everybody! I know I have not been updating for more than 2 months now and I apologize for being lazy to blog. I need encouragement!!! My desk in my room is in a mess and I’m trying to revamp the space to be work/vanity desk. Possible? I’ll let you know the outcome later. In fact, I’m kind of liking my desk in my office. Maybe that’s the reason I’m abandoning the one in my room! Cross my fingers and wish me luck on revamping it. Pssssttt….I’ve been working in a new company for more than 3 months now and I’m happy working.

I’m quite free most of the time in my new company. I spend some of the time browsing on online shops especially in Facebook. Yes, I admit that I’ve been online shopping lately *guilt~*. Most of my online purchases went pretty well even though sometimes the seller send the wrong/defect items but after much negotiations, both the seller and I are in a win-win situation. However, my last purchase isn’t so good. In fact, I’m pretty angry of what had happened.

While I was scouting for cheaper bargains in Facebook, I bump into an update of Penny Mall which I have added them for some time. I’m like, “WOAH! Bags at only RM25 each for stock clearance.” Immediately I send the link to my colleague if she’s interested. Clearly, I’m showing interest too. The pictures from their album are not really updated and I have to send messages to them to check with them if they have stock before submitting their order form. I had to change the orders twice because of their items were running out of stock. The total amount of bags is seven (7) pieces, combination order of mine, my colleague and her friend. I was really happy at first because the bags are delivered pretty fast, about one day after they shipped out but it came to my disappointment and my bag and my colleague’s friend’s bag is not in a good condition. This is where I have decided to leave them inbox message before I actually post anything on their wall. Let the moment begins! Please click the images to enlarge if you can’t see them clearly here.

The actual pictures of the bags…

Defect 1 – a lining in the bag is clearly damaged, even my colleague was surprise when I showed her the bag.

Defect 2 – Yellow glue stains

Later on they did not reply into the same message and send me this message.

For a clearer view of their FAQs…

After my last message, they reply on my first message requesting for the front picture of the bag. The brown bag is mine and the white bag is my colleague’s friends. The white bag has been given back to the owner so I can’t really do anything about it.

Actual picture of my bag. It’s clearly showing how bad the damage is. Can you tell me if you can see the damage?

The next thing I know they did not reply my message in Facebook and send me this email.

I’ve gotten extremely angry after reading this email. I even showed it to my colleague and she is definitely not very happy with it too. Here is my reply:

Tell me if this is my mistake or my wrongdoing. After sending my reply, I have not receive anything from them anymore up until now. It’s coming into the third week without acknowledgment.  Not to mentioned that they also overcharged me for the postage fee. Charging me for RM17 and the fact is only for RM11.40 (written on the shipping slip [marked red]). I saw this earlier and I’m letting it go because I’m trying to understand that they’re running a business. They want to earn profit but with this ‘great service’ they provided to me, I might as well say it out loud.

I didn’t even say anything about the shipping fee and now they pull this kind of fuss? Without any news from them and I tried checking into their Penny Mall‘s page again. You know what I’ve found?

They deleted me from their friend’s list, how ‘friendly’ are they? Also, telling me that they value and serve customer better? Hrmph…I doubt it. Believe me or not, up until today I have not use the bag. I really like the bags and early shipping but to throw such mess over one customer is good enough to kill their business. Word of mouth is very powerful. Is it really worth it? Have they ever take this matter seriously?

I took the fuss to use my company camera to snap all the bag images above to work things immediately and they are suspecting me? I don’t even know who are they and I don’t owe them anything. I’m just asking for what I’ve paid and I want to make sure it’s worth the money. I think everybody wants that. If they have not send me any defect item, why should I take such hassle to message them? Another point is I cannot be that ridiculous to rip off my bag just to get back a few bucks from them. Why would I even do that? Isn’t it stupid if I paid my bag, the bag came in good condition and I rip it off? Its not even worth the time and effort to do so.

Lesson to be learn from this? Look for any kinds of reviews of the seller before purchasing anything online! Obviously I do not recommend this seller winky. If you care for your friends, share this in your page (whether in blogs/websites/Facebook/Twitter/Myspace). You don’t want them to be like me, even better to tag the seller to let them know. Share this to create awareness.

Take care everybody!

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. Ouch. I’m sorry you had such a bad shopping experience. I shook my head vehemently when I read the seller’s response to you. Completely unprofessional. Ugh. 

  2. ooo wow. u took a very detail record of what happen! thx for sharing.. that sux that it happen of course~ I think one time i had a really bad experience with a ebayer, but I just let it go.. I guess cuz thinking about it make me feel really mad.. haha.. but i think i should hv done what u did. n let everyone know how horrible those ppl are.!!

  3. @hitomineko – I guess it’s been a habit of mine. I don’t usually delete anything until the transaction is over. Now it’s useful in this case. Let me know which ebayer, my transactions in ebays are pretty neat.

  4. geez….what terrible customer service. We all know rule no.1- It’s never your customers fault XD Jokes aside though…this is terrible…not only to deny, outright overprice postage AND blame the customer…*faints* The wonders of money I wonder how many “friends” they have left though? Must go check =P

    Don’t worry! Get a bit of this and a bit of that and before you know it you’ll have this LONG list of awesome shops to buy from. These bad ones will be the past! ^^

  5. @Esther – I don’t know how many friends are left with them, I’m no longer their friend >.<. I just want to let everyone know my experience and don’t want the same thing happen to them. My other online shopping are just as good, really this is the bitter ones. Not going back to them again~

  6. Urgh.. Your experience is a disaster man! I purchased online quite a no of time. some are good and some are bad. When they are good I blog about them and praise their service and when they are bad I seriously bitch about them. They need to know that running a business is not easy and they should respect customer. Even the big departmental store give u 3 days or sometimes 7 days to return your purchase. This online shop should really be avoided at any cost. eeee….

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