Merry Christmas and Have a Great New Year

I have received a couple of friendly messages in my inbox wishing me Merry Christmas. I would like to thank you so much. Therefore, I’m wishing everybody now. I hope it’s not too late.

Too bad I wasn’t feeling well during Christmas Eve, I was down with fever but I’m still out of the house. The spirit of Christmas is still with me (more like I wanted to meet my dear Jowie). Hahaha! The next two days, I rushed to the clinic and found out I was down with tonsillitis. There are white spots on my throat. Try to Google it and you’ll know more. I was having fever at 100.4 Fahrenheit but I was standing still. I wasn’t worried with the sickness after all because I had it four years ago.

The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom range is in Malaysia now. Cherry blossom or likely to known as sakura flower, is my theme. Every time you come to my page you’ll see the header of sakura flowers under a shiny moon with stars. This range is so tempting. I’m loving sakura flowers and eyeing on the Japanese Cherry Blossom perfume and reed diffuser.

2009 is a brand new year and hope everybody will get what they wish for. Sakura flower is my craze now, so for this new year there will be a new layout for this site. Have fun on the New Year’s Eve!!!

Traclyn Yeoh

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