Massive Attack Worldwide 2008

This is the post about the rave party that I was saying in the last post. The rave was located in Capsquare, Kuala Lumpur. There are several DJs but I didn’t have their names. Nevermind, I was there to let myself out and dance out my stress. However, Jowie and I went to grab some food in the shopping complex. Not many eating outlets were open but one place attracted our eyes. It looks so white and clean. We made our way into the place.

It’s called Tappers Cafe

That’s a happy face I love to see!

That’s me!

Our VIP passes

Still waiting for the food to come, got bored!

Here it comes! Curry Laksa…

Nasi Rendang Kambing

French Toast with honey

We had a walk after the fulfilling dinner outside of Capsquare and snap a few pictures.

I looked like I’m in some holiday trip eh?

Later we head to the source of the loud music and knock ourselves out!

The Stage

The crowd

Hot and sweaty after few hours of dancing!

So what does this look like to you? Hee…

Overall the rave was fun except that liquor that they are selling is expensive and the screen was a little too small and doesn’t serve its purpose to the music. RM15 for Chivas with Coke? Definitely a rip-off. It’s a little not-so-fun when booze is expensive, its killing the craze!

Traclyn Yeoh
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