Clarence Valentines [MUST READ!]

Last month, I received this Facebook message and I thought I should share it just to make sure people are aware of it.

At first, I do think that this person is very sweet until I read the message to the end because he sounded a little desperate to become friends. I’m not falling for this, HAH! I felt a little dodgy and look through his profile.  Of course, he is a male with 100% female in his friend’s list and I googled his employer, found nothing. This is even more dodgy!

So I took the chance to even google part of his message and I found another person who receives this message, here. LOL! Telling me that he actually spent time typing such a dragging message when he DID COPY AND PASTE. I certainly don’t know the true color of this person and what are his intentions. I didn’t meant to badmouth about him but his actions are way to doggy that I think I need to alert everyone about this.

I just ignored his message and post it up here, letting you all to judge. What do you think?First thought that came into my mind is, ‘Is this like a dating scammer?’. Have you ever receive any of this message? Do share!

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. I received a similar message once, with lots of “dear” in it. Calling me that when I don’t even know him. Deleted the message right away. You get crackpots like this every once in a while. Good for a laugh 😉 

  2. I got that same message couple weeks ago. I felt quite flattered at first but the rest of the message is just plain creepy haha.

  3. what the hell is this guy up to? some girls might have fallen into what he said, since he did sounded nice and sincere. so why don’t you go all the way and get to know what the hell is going on with this guy. seriously. you got me right behind you if ever you need me. 

  4. @Tine – LOL yeah. It’s just funny especially when this is the first time they approach you.

    @Lilian Le – Exactly! I guess it’s been circulating for a while now.

    @feedDuh – It’s just funny to see how these people are trying to express to others yet it just sounded really lame. There’s no need to entertain this, it’ll be a waste of time.

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