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Semester one of university has started but this would be the last semester for me and I put on hopes to pass every subject with flying colors. I do not want to repeat any papers at all. Who wants this? Nobody. Many are starting to get busy, so am I. I’m still working as part time in Flipps. Maybe next time I should make post up what is all about in where I’m working.

Last week was an incredible week for most of us. We’ve been drinking almost for the whole week. We always try to stay away from activities like this by saying ‘it’s a Detox day’. But we usually end up drinking something, at least a goon. Alright let me just go through what we’ve been doing for the whole week.


We started to move out from the apartment. Later, just had some rest and had some beer.


Swinburne Orientation has started, therefore there is a complimentary drinking session in Glenferrie Hotel. I had to work at 11 a.m. and came back at 3 p.m. We all went to Glenferrie Hotel after I’ve got back to the apartment. We’ve got tipsy by 5 p.m. I had a beer that I did a bottom up it in 5 minutes, bourbon with coke, a screwdriver, vodka with lemon crush that I gave away to Tim because it tasted horrible and I had his bourbon with coke.


Casual drinking in the apartment, were drinking goon.


It’s the last day of Chinese New Year. We’ve had a feast. I’ve cooked curry and Jowie cooked Tom Yum soup and a plate of Pok Choy with Oyster sauce. We had a slab of beer for the night.


I was suppose to work from 5 p.m. till 9 p.m. but my colleague swap shift, so I was working from 11 a.m. till 3 p.m. Hurray! I get to join my friends! We went to Melbourne Central. There is a pub around the corner called Equinox. During Happy Hour, the beer jugs are $9. We had a few jugs, and got real tipsy. We had KFC wicked wings for dinner and it was real lovely. We’ve eaten 45 of it. Later, went to Salon Bar somewhere around for Kart’s friend’s farewell. We went partying in St. Jerome. Man, it was a fun night! There was a girl came up to me saying that I danced well and she liked me. She turned to my friends saying, ‘she’s hot!’ In a while, a Nepalese guy came to me starting asking question about me. That’s fine for me but the next thing I knew is his arms were around my waist. Thank God, Jowie got me away from that guy. Bryan was really drunk that night.


Many woke up around noon. We just hang around in the apartment. Tim and I went to get instant noodles from the Asian grocer. We went back home to cook it, eat, watched TV, talking and loitering in the apartment.


We went out shopping in the city or should I say I am the one who is doing the shopping. I’ve bought nail polish remover, Proactiv Skin Solution Skincare, underwear, and two pairs of beautiful earrings. We went to La Roche in St. Kilda for dinner. Some of us had the porter house steak, vegetable pie, chicken parmagiana and seafood basket as main meals. It was a great deal because after 6 p.m., all main meals are $12. The guys ordered two jugs of beer. There we go started drinking when we said earlier today would be the Detox Day.

Yeah that’s about the whole week. It was extremely fun. I’ve got the pictures from Karts in Facebook already. He was cam-whoring!

Today, I’ve got a quote from the class that I attended. I find it interesting and it made me think for a while.

‘Those who are asleep, let them sleep. Those who are awake, leave them in constant amusement’

It is your responsibility to attend, pay attention and listen in the class. So if you fall asleep, it is your lost that you might not learn something out of it. If you pay full attention on it, then you will learn on what people are speaking about and start thinking with your own thoughts. For those who fell asleep would need to struggle to learn what they have missed. For those who paid well attention, they have the basic knowledge in their hands and what they need to do is to read more and widen their knowledge on the matter.

I was in a class with the subject named Leadership and Organization Dynamics. The lecturer was very friendly and she made us had some good activities around the class for us to know our classmates. What we have to do is to get to know their names, where are they living, what pets do they have, who are their family members, what is the most embarrassing moment, what transportation did they use to come to Swinburne, and what could they bring to this subject in the class. It was fun at first but when all of us were seated in a circle, the lecturer started to explain about the subject. I was hardly focusing because I was kind of lost with whatever she is speaking about. What I had in mind is ‘What is she talking about? Oh God, I’ll have to ask Jowie to explain to me this later.’ So, the lecturer asked if anyone of us has any question and none of us has anything to ask. I assume that most of them understood what she is talking about. It came to my surprise that most of them didn’t really get what she saying. They were discussing about it during the PLG session which is a Peer Learning Group where all of us had no idea what we are suppose to do. Whatever it is, there will be lots of questions for the lecturer next week.

Anyways, Joel got back today. We went out for lunch at Sofia in Camberwell as well as celebrating Jessie’s birthday. I’m glad that Joel is back safely and everybody should be happy. Hopefully everything goes alright.

Traclyn Yeoh
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