Where I have been?

The New Year has begun and I have been having so much fun for the time that I did not update. This is a good start for me. Many of us will definitely come up with New Year resolution. To be honest, I don’t have one at the moment. There are wishes but it takes time to achieve it. Let everything goes as it is, just let it be.

Christmas Eve is a good celebration. Many of us come out with different types of dishes. I have made the Baked Rosemary Potatoes and the Chocolate Overload Strawberry Cheese Cake. Those two dishes are completely wiped out after the Christmas Eve dinner. We stayed around and chilled out, later we went to Kartik’s friend’s house, Mario at Riversdale for a visit. It’s quite a distance to walk, about 15-20 minutes. We came back like 5:00 a.m. and hang out at the third floor. We were waiting for the beautiful sunrise on Christmas Day. Although it doesn’t snow here, but it’s totally fine because we have a beautiful scenery right in front of my apartment.

During New Year’s Eve was a great experience in Melbourne. What a lovely night with the fireworks as well as what is inside in my sports bottle. It was a mixture of vodka and lemonade. Thank god I wasn’t drunk at all, not even tipsy. I care for my behavior but lately I seem to be not behaving well. I have been drunk and drinking casually very much which I understood is not good for me. However, the time will not wait for me and I won’t stay young every time. So I might as well enjoy my life no matter what.

It’s Chinese New Year Eve today. We’ve been planning to have a good reunion dinner just with our close friends. We are not going out, got bored of deciding what to eat outside and eating in the apartment will have the warmest feeling ever. I know it sounds a little conservative but it will be good. Earlier I have gained two kilograms and now I have lost it. I wonder what had happen, maybe because of me not eating properly these days. For those days I have been working, I didn’t take my meal at all in work although I’m able cook my own meal even the boss offered to have something to eat. I said ‘No, thanks.’ I have been like this since last Friday. I’m losing apetite and shit like that but I hope I’ll eat more for today. Sorry for neglecting here but I will try to keep up with everything since I’m working and I have spared my room for a friend of mine.

Traclyn Yeoh

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