L.A. Colors 6 Color Metallic Eye Shadow in Dreamy Review

This is one of the palette that I have the same with Vonnie, her review is here. Again, I have won this palette from Vonnie’s Contest. So, no questions about how much were they. I was pretty disappointed with L.A. Colors 12 eyeshadow palette but this has make a difference. It doesn’t come with any ingredients listing.

BES451 Dreamy comes with six red to pink shades. The lightest color is suitable for highlighting and the rest of the colors can be multipurpose. It has a very mild baby powder smell. It’s comes with a low quality double ended sponge applicator, again I chuck it aside to be disposable.

This eyeshadows are quite pigmented and it’s a little shimmer. It flakes a little when I pick it up using my brush but they are easy to be pick up. I’ve used them in my¬†Joyful Ride Tutorial and you can actually tell how good are they. They are easy to be blend too. I’m quite satisfied with this palette

Pigmented and shimmer
Easy to blend

Flakes a little
Mild baby powder smell

My rating: 4/5

Traclyn Yeoh
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