Watsons Lavender Revitalising Body Scrub Review

I was out of scrub and giving this a try. Watsons Lavender Revitalising Body Scrub is one of the product from their lavender range, infused with essential oil from France. It came in a jar of 300grams for RM14.90 (if I have not mistaken).

I wasn’t sure about the quality of the product until I tried it. Itย  claims to relax mind and body. Infused withย  lavender essential oil from France, delicately fragranced can gently remove dead skin cells and leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft with a fresh natural radiance. I love the smell so much. Rich with lavender smell and I love opening the jar just to get a heave of the lavender smell. If you don’t like the smell of lavender, I don’t think this is for you.

I wasn’t sure it this scrub is sugar by looking at it until I used it. The sugar melts as I exfoliate my skin. However, when I really into scrubbing my skin after a tired day, the sugar melts off before I could really do the deep exfoliation. That’s kind of put me off. My curiosity has been confirmed it is definitely sugar until one fine day there were ants around the jar. The sugar melts gently onto my skin, leaving it hydrated and smooth. Although it doesn’t help to get rid of my acne on my back ( I wasn’t expecting it to do so), I’m quite satisfied with this product. It is definitely gentle on my skin, it didn’t cause any irritations at all. If you’re looking for some basic relaxing scrub, I urge you to get this.

Although it sounds great, I found something in the scrub as I’m using it. Something in pieces, like plastics. I wasn’t sure if it’s just my jar to have this. It felt weird and I hope it’s nothing harmful. I chuck it away. I hope this doesn’t happen to anybody else jar.

Rich in Lavender fragrance
Relaxing and calm fragrance
Hydrating and smooth skin
No irritation

Sugar melts before really enjoying it
Awkward piece found

My rating: 4/5

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. eek! What’s that plastic piece? So scary. Maybe they missed it in their product QC. Does the Lavender scrub slough away dead skin cells?  The Watson mango scrub is nice. Give it a try.

  2. @Dee – We do have it here, it’s more on over-the-counter products, so it cost more $. I would give a try on the free soap that I receive first, it seems to help on relieving acne.

    @jeanjean – Scary isn’t it? I was like WTH?!  It doesn’t really clear my back acne, so I take it that it just scrub on skin surface only. Oh is it the bar soap scrub? If that’s the one, I love the smell so much.

    @soniality – Really? I’ll be arriving Singapore like tomorrow, can I get them in Singapore? Which do you recommend?

  3. @voguefemme – i think only available at jamu shop (malay medical hall type) and it’s not so common to find jamu shop in singapore but still can try luck to find it whenever you pass by any jamu shop. cost about SGD2.50-$4
    You should try to find at your area first!

    If you have friends going batam, you can get it at SGD1 or less over there.

    example like this picture below

    i got white/green tub, 2nd from the left (bottom row) It smells a little strong fragrance at first but I am used to it now.

    coming to sg for holiday?

  4. i need a good and cheap body scrubbb
    to help get rid of dead skin and help my scars fade.
    somehow i feel this won’t work well for me ๐Ÿ™

  5. eeeeeeeeeeeep wats that plastic thing? looks like some broken handle. O_o
    i prefer some really rough scrub that will get rid of all the dead skin ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. @soniality – Thanks for all the informations! I’ll take note of all that when I’m walking around in Singapore. Just going to Singapore for my nf’s cousin’s wedding but I’ll take this opportunity to go around.

    @LyNn – Hrmph I don’t think this will be a wise scrub. Maybe you would like to find those that meant for whitening, I think that might help to fade your scars.

    @prettybeautiful – I have NO IDEA! Creepy isn’t it? It was such a turn off. Yeah same here, prefer rough scrubs but I just can’t resist this scrub’s smell.

    @mel – Really? Too bad we can’t go  together! You take care too! Alright I will delete your comment, I understand about it.

  7. I have back acne too :)) annoying isn’t it..

    uhh I don’t like lavender scents….
    do they come with another scents beside lavender?

  8. hey, i read your site off and on.  i actually make my own scrub (b/c i feel like those out there that are affordable don’t work very well)..just sugar and honey. i’m sure you can add other things to it to personalize the scrub, but i’m too lazy.  i just mix the sugar and honey until it forms a paste-like consistency.  after washing off the scrub with warm water, i blast myself with super cold water to close my pores, pat dry and then put lotion on.  honey is known to have some anti-bacterial properties, and the sugar doesn’t dissolve as quick allowing you to exfoliate for a good while (15 minutes or so).  hope this works for you!

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