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Let’s take a break from beauty goodies for now. It’s time for food! It’s Food and Tea Restaurant which is located in 3rd Floor, Times Square. I’m not too sure if there’s any other outlets available.

The environment is pretty cozy and the food concept is following the Hong Kong style, just like Kim Gary.

I ordered some lamb dish with rice and a complimentary of double skin milk. I was really curious wondering what’s the double skin milk. When it came, its just like puding-like desert. It was pretty upsetting, I thought it was a drink. the double skin milk has a very strong smell of milk. The lamb dish, again very upsetting. It came in a very small portion, just a mini claypot. The taste was not too bad but I finished my lamb before I can even finish my rice, clearly the lamb is not enough~

My BF took Chicken Chop with nissin noodle. I can tell you that you can even cook this yourself. Just get  get some chicken chop and fried it, add it into your instant noodle. The nissin noodle taste just like instant noodle. Nothing special about it. There’s a lot of customer around, maybe this is located near the cinema. Probably they came cause it was the closest choice of food near them. Not really going to come back here for the food neither do I recommend it to anyone.

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. I hate when I go out to eat & the food is disappointing.

    I went to a wedding like 3 years ago & it was sweet & the couple was nice…but the food sucked!! I ended up buying food afterwards. Plus I had a drink while I was there. ONE drink that I sipped over the course of 2 hours & since they took so long to feed us, I ended up getting a headache that lasted 4 days. And I had class all week…>.<!!! so yeah, the moral of the story kids: bring snacks to a wedding & dont drink on an empty stomach!


  2. you guys are very adventurous! i tend to judge restaurants by it’s cover… looking at those menus and the promises of fat juicy lamb or pork chops in the illustrations, my guts can just tell me something is not right. just some restaurants lah… hard to pinpoint, they’re all mostly gut instincts.

    and i never loved Kim Gary. the meat are all treated with some sort of chemical IMHO, the texture and taste is like, similar, for chicken, fish, pork and beef! OMG. never understood the popularity of KG. must be the hype surrounding the celebrity gua. 😛

  3. @Shinbi_Belldandy – haha, that’s kinda sucks for such wedding. Don’t they have food tasting before ordering them? Having 4 days of headache is torturing, it’s migraine for me. I shall learn from you to bring snacks but those wedding meals that I have attended have not gone wrong on my side yet.

    @yahui – Exactly! KG is expensive and I only like their cheese baked rice and nothing else. Being adventurous is really fun. You get to try many things around, learn a lot and expose yourself more. Sometimes judging by illustration is just difficult, it differs a lot most of the time. Hate that when it happens.

  4. I’m sorry you had a bad experience with that place. I really hate when I go somewhere and expect a good meal, yet it’s the other way around. I hope that the food was too pricey for the super small amount of food you had.

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