Bargain Shopping with My Bestie

It’s been a while since I have shopped with my best friend, Fyda. So this would be a simple post. Yesterday we took a chance to meet up to grab some bargain goods!

This is us by the escalator…

Fyda, picking up on bargain make-ups at the Hot Market. I saw the faux lashes are for RM3 and has 50% discount on it.

That’s me picking up on some empty jars.

Our crazy-ness towards fashion. Love both tubes, I like the bright pink the most.

Finally, we hang out at the hawker stall after a great bargain of shopping! You’ll get to see what I’ve shopped by next week. Stay tune!

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. wah. fake lashes for RM 1.50 only lor?
    last time i got a pair for RM 2.50 (50% discount ori price RM 5)
    and i thought it was a good deal.
    but i heard that brand was pretty good
    and sasa have this brand too (overpriced it as well!)

    and empty jars?!?!
    for minerals one a?
    how much? cant wait for your haul post 😛

  2. @LyNn – Yeah dirt cheap fake lashes, I think it’s not too bad too. My next place to buy is there!
    Haha I bought empty jars for my make-up remover. I bought those jars for like RM1.50 for two. Original price was RM3.

  3. empty jars or empty bottles?
    make up remover put in jar? *confused*

    i want fake lashes too.
    but i dont really know how to put them on.
    the last pair i got broke before i even wore them properly.
    i was playing with it too much 😛
    haha faster post what you bought *excited*

  4. @LyNn – It’s my DIY Make-Up Remover…
    You’ll know why when I come out with the video soon…

    You have to come to KL to go shopping with me, I bring you to all this place and get all great bargains…
    How does the faux lashes broke??? Well you have to give it a practice…I’m practicing as well 😛

  5. haha ok ok.
    no la not really fragile.
    i played with it every now and then after i bought it.
    like try to attach it on without glue.
    since i dont have a glue and the glue included doesnt look ok to me 😛

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