ORma Total Cover Concealer in 03 Review

A product review requested by Lynn. Just a quick review on it. ORma Total Cover Concealer in 03 is a greenish concealer. Green concealers are great to correct and conceal blemishes as well as to reduce redness. I bought this concealer from Sinma for only RM6.90. I would say for the price that I paid, this concealer is a good one although it could be better. Let me show you how well it concealed my blemishes.


As you can see from above picture, the before picture is my scar actually, not pimples. I don’t know why is it like that. The second picture is with concealer. I only applied concealer and blend it a little. It leaves a fair patch on my skin which I find it’s normal because usually it happens that way when you conceal your skin. The third picture is powdered where I applied my compact powder and it blends pretty well. Although it doesn’t conceal completely but at least it reduces the appearance of the blemishes. Good? For the price I paid, I would say it’s not bad!

My rating: 4/5

ORma Total Cover Concealer in 03 are also available in Watsons and Shins. Anyone wants to add where other locations to get it?

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. hey girls are makin fun of me for puttin up a make up video on my post for saint patrick’s day. :[ tell them that its a good video plz. my cosmetic master.

  2. @LuxteK – Hahaha well it st.patrick day! come on… just tell them they are so not cool. Even some male celebrities are make-up addict. Where’s the video by the way?

  3. oh yeah and by the way, im NOTTTTTTTTTT a make up addict, i have never used any in my life lol. i just enjoy reading your blog even though its about make up cuz u r so smart :]

  4. thank you for posting this up.
    cant wait to get mine too. 😛
    still deciding between mineral concealer though.
    since blemishes is already bad if you put make up might make it go worst.
    mineral benefits the skin… but its more expensiveee

  5. @LuxteK – Haha, my blog is not a total make-up thing, it’s just part of my hobbies. To me people who able to do make-ups are artist if you never use any but in the video? I’m flattered, thanks for the compliment.

    @LyNn – Hahaha no worries! Hope it helps. well mineral concealer works good but everything based on powder unless it is quid based. I prefer to use liquid or cream concealer. The staying power is longer.

  6. @comingss – Sorry your comment has been deleted, I’m sorry that I couldn’t read chinese and too many html codings that don’t work in this comment box. Please comment in English. Thank you.

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