May Lovely Packages Come to My Way~

Recently I have won a contest organized by Vonnie. Thank Vonnie for your kindness!!!

The contest result, here.

It’s a loot of 10 pieces of L.A. Colors. The package has arrived yesterday. The shipment only took 7 days to arrive.

Pardon my nosy cat, inspecting over my package but the package was open by my nosy Mum! Hahaha!  Actually the package did not arrive to my door as it was on normal air mail that doesn’t require identification. After I was informed by Vonnie that she posted, I waited every morning to peek on the postman until yesterday. Just because it can’t fit into my mail box, he left a note into my mail box. I saw it was a package with the blue air mail sticker on it. I got the feeling that the package is mine. I can’t help it but to grab the note from my mail box and chase the postman. Thank God, he wasn’t that far away. According to him, since the package doesn’t need any identification, it’s usually not important and doesn’t require him to send it to the door. What? Not important? How dare you?  It’s L.A. Colors in there! Let’s see what are the contest prizes and I get to select the colors I want.

Everything is nicely bubled wrapped except for the liners. I was so excited! Let me bring you through each item and the color selection.

L.A. Colors 12 Eyeshadow Palette in 10036 Urban

L.A. Colors Glitter Starlet Eyeshadow in GP84 Ginger

L.A. Colors 6 Color Metalic Eyeshadow in BES451 Dreamy

L.A. Colors 5 Metalic Eyeshadow in EP22 Tease

L.A. Colors Flip Top Eyeshadow in PE225 Chocolate

L.A. Colors Shimmering Loose Eyeshadow with Brush in SE118 Lollipop

L.A. Colors Auto Lipliner in AL563 Mauve and L.A. Colors Auto Eyeliner in AE664 Navy

L.A. Colors Sheer Lipgloss  Tube in LG832 Pink Icing

L.A. Colors Moisturizing Lipstick in BLC241 Pink Sand

She also included two piece of business card where she purchase L.A. Colors., Veese Beauty. Have a visit!

I’m so excited! I’m now overload with eyeshadows plus with my own collections. No more eyeshadow for me at the moment. I’m looking for good bargain on primers, cream blusher and pink lip or cheek tint. I’d like to thank Vonnie again for organizing this contest!

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. oh la la, that’s one fantastic package 😉 no wonder you’re very excited ^_^ congratz girl!

    i was excited as well when the postman came to my house today hahahahaha~~

  2. Hmmm it really arrive within 1 week time 🙂
    I’m glad everything is fine, no broken eyeshadow 🙂 good good

  3. wow u are really one lucky girl! always win stuff! I ordered the LA colors 5 metallic shadows online too 😀 wondering how will it fare

  4. @orilovesdurian – Thanks! Hope to see you around more often.

    @Shuu – Thanks! I think you always have the postman to send you something. So envy of you!

    @Vonnie – Thanks to you I get to enjoy all this and everything arrived safe on my hands.

    @prettybeautiful – Hehehe, thanks! Trust me, you’ll never regret getting that palette. I’m loving them already!

    @Sue – Yeah, I don’t need to hunger for eye shadows at the moment. Thanks a lot girl~

  5. Hi sweety, I tagged you!

    after I see these photos, make me want to buy more for myself! lols.
    I love 6 eyeshadow palette and 5 eyeshadow palette. too bad we have the same color, can’t see other color swatches

  6. @Vonnie – Thanks girl! Hahaha, the 5 and 6 eye shadows that I picked are the colors that attracted me. 5 eye shadows are the best among all of them.

  7. hy dear…thanks for feeling me~

    ya la…quite sad…luckily got full refund..
    Do you know any shop in Malaysia that sell those 180 palette? I really want it! hehe

    Btw, very nice present you have here!
    keep it up~

    u r my beauty advisor ;p

  8. @melinda – No worries, it’s just sad that you put on hope for the things you want and prepare to be using it and at the end all is in vain. I’m not sure about 180 but the one I said I saw 88 palette has one more palette that’s more than a 100 eye shadows there. I’m not sure how much is it though. I can help you to check on it if you want. Just aware that they are totally brand-less.

  9. mind you that i`m using brandless make up too… 🙂
    the 88 palette that i have is not from coastal scents…but coastal scents itself bought their makeup from
    i`m too not sure but as far as i`m concern…my eyes are still ok and working fine..hehehehe

    I think the one you mentioned is 120palette. That can easily been found in They are selling it for rm70 incl shipping. hehe. but the eyeshadows are really fragile. I`m afraid to experience the same thing….thats why i prefer to buy it at a physical store ;p

    However, I will give 120 palette a pass and insisted on the 180 palette exactly like mine. If you can find a store that sell it…no doubt..i`ll surely reward you with something ;p
    The colours are super pigmented!

    I cleaned up my palette…i think its worth the wait and free stuff ..haha
    Nice to know you darling ;p

    Sorry for writing a short “post” in ur comment colum…hahahaha

  10. @mel – No worries, I’m glad to help while I can. I’ll look at the shop again and have the pictures taken and have it to email it to you. As well as inquiring on the the price as well. You’re just same as me. I prefer to be in enter on physical store to get my stuff. So far I just have ELF with a help of a friend ordering it from a spree for me.

  11. Tq dearie for being such a sweetheart ;p

    I opened up my comment section so that you can leave your comment at my post ;p

    Btw, what a coincidence~
    I bought the complete set of ELF brushes at Ebay last 2 weeks and got it today!
    will post about it soon

    stay tuned ;p

  12. Congrats!! Lucky girl!!! wow thats alot of stuff there… the palettes look great… looking forward to your review and swatches on the LA stuff you got ^-^

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