Hot Specials from CLEO & Female Magazine in November 2009

I apologize for the lack of updates and this post is way overdue. I’m really sorry and I bought this on the last week of October but I didn’t have the time to snap pictures. So let’s go through this.

1. Anna Sui Rock Me Perfume. Available now.
2. Stage Burlesque Holiday Collection 2009.
3. Hada Labo Skincare range. Website at Read more at Perfect x Simple by Paris B.

4. Silky Girl Limited Edition Sporty and Stylish (eau de toilette and duo eyeshadow)
5. Silky Girl Limited Edition Funky and Cool (eau de toilette and duo eyeshadow)

6. Revlon Color Stay Liquid Eye Pen
7. Kate Reflect Mirror Eyes. Comes with 8 palettes, retail price at RM52.
8. Empro Perfect Eye & Lip Makeup Remover

9. The Face Shop Extreme Volume Mascara 01 Dual Perfect and Extreme Brush Pen Eyeliner 01 Black Force
10. Pantene Daily Leave-On Hair Mask
11. Lip Ice Color Gloss. Comes with 5 shades

12. Vichy Bi-White Reveal Double-Corrective Whitening Essence. Free 1.5ml at selected outlet upon skin diagnosis.
13. Dermalogica Clean Start. Free Trial Clean Start Preview Pack upon voucher submission.
14. Clean and Clear Active Clear Acne Control Kit, RM5 discount voucher

15. Mabelle by SP1. Free travel size of Daily Milk Cleanser upon coupon redemption.
16. Soleil Shimmer Clic. RM2discount voucher when purchase it’s refill.
17. Montagne Jeunesse. Free sample of it’s mask on selected dates and coupon redemption.

18. Neutrogena Wave Power-Cleaner. It’s rather expensive though.

Hope this update is a little something for everyone. Have a great day!


Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. Ohhh!! That Anna Sui perfume looks so cute I should see if it’s sold here. She’s a popular brand in the States too.

    That Neutrogena thing doesnt get good reviews. I heard the Clarsonic(sp?) brush is better bit it’s almost $200!! My cleansing pads & toothbrush method do just fine for right now. LOL XD


  2. @Dee – They look tempting to me too! Wee~

    @Shinbi_Belldandy – I believe Anna Sui can be easily obtain in the States. I heard lots about Clarasonic but imagine, if it’s pricey to you, it would definitely to be over-priced if they have it here. I’m just using my electronic brush.

    @LyNn – Hrmph, Mina said there’s not much of a good review on it though.

  3. @voguefemme – Yeah it is. lol

    The thing with Neutrogena is people like the concept but people said the vibrations werent all that great & it was overhyped & just looked cute. And some people dont like the cleanser.

    A good exfoliation trick is the toothbrush method I mentioned. I saw Michelle Phan (Ricebunny) do this & it was easier & way affordable. I got my electronic toothbrush for $3! It’s a good cleaning tool but make sure you get a SOFT head toothbrush. Her xanga entry on this is in the info box. I love this. I was having too much fun with this technique. XD What’s good about the toothbrush too is that it’s small so you can get into the small space of the nose, sides of the mouth & close to your hairline without making a mess.

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