Weekend Project: Organizing Single Eye Shadows!

Over the time I have been collecting a fair bit of single eye shadows for tutorials or nabbed it from sales. I didn’t bother to put them together in a palette and still have them in their packaging. Recently, I have been going through my make-up drawers and notice that I’m getting lesser space for my make-ups. Its starting to clutter, becoming messy and unorganised. I’ll have to start with something then spring cleaning which is organizing single eye shadows!

All of these single eye shadows are from Elianto. They are really affordable and pretty pigmented, definitely a great pay-off. Whenever I need a particular shade, I never hesitate to look at Elianto. They come with shimmer, satin or matte finish. Some of them I bought them from their warehouse sales which at one point it was only MYR1.00 for 3 eye shadows.

Finally, I have decided to put them into the palette and their largest palette is a 10 eye shadow palette. I bought this for MYR19.00 and currently, there’s sales going on where second item there is 10% discount and third item there is 20% discount. Its build in with foam for you to slot in those single eye shadows and this palette doesn’t come with any mirror.

First, I have arranged them into colour category which is easier for me to decide which colour to be put together in the palette. I would also prefer to arrange the shade from light to dark in the palette. I decided to arrange the browns and yellows together.

Each colour comes with its type of eye shadow, code and shade name, therefore labelling is very important. I’m just using self-adhesive labels and drew circles using the base bottle of my Revlon foundation. You could go with any shape that you prefer.

Since this palette doesn’t come with mirror, I stuck the labels onto the cover of the palette. I labelled the eye shadows right above it when the palette is closed.

For some eye shadows that got stucked with glue, I have used alcohol prep or nail polish remover to remove it. You can also use rubbing alcohol or Zippo lighter fluid. I came to know that Zippo lighter fluid works when I was working in a bookstore many years ago. They use it to remove price tags!

This is the finish product! It looks just as professional as many other brands but most importantly its organized and the eye shadows works great. I think I’ll use these shadows more often now than before because previously it wasn’t organized and I was too lazy to reach out to open each single eye shadows to use them. There are many other ways to store single eye shadow and a while back I did a DIY Floppy Eye Shadow Palette, check it out!


Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. Wow, that is a lot of eyeshadows! I like their eyeshadows now compared to last time; much more pigmented and nicer colours. I also got quite a lot of their eyeshadows from the warehouse sales, but i think that was old stock because the colours were very chalky and non-pigmented. I like the idea of labelling the colours, hehe! 🙂
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    • It’s all accumulated for months and of course one palette is not enough to put them all together. I have bought another two palette yesterday to get the rest of the eye shadows in. I agree that their eye shadows are getting better periodically. I will still get the old stocks if they are in good condition. Labeling are some basic ideas to keep track on the shade names and it perks up the entire palette too. 🙂

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