Weekend Project: Repackaging Liquid Foundation

Have you ever come across anything that you wish to repackage because it should function better that way? Fret not because I’m just like you and on my last weekend, I have just repackage my liquid foundation and personally, I think it looked better, more hygienic and convenient.

Here I bought a pump bottle from Daiso. This pump bottle are not the ones where there it a tube connects to the head of the pump. It has a base that pushes up each time you press the pump. From the head of the pump, it sucks in which also makes the base to move upwards. I like this type of bottle especially when its clear you get to see how much of product you have used.

I love my Revlon ColorStay Liquid Foundation. I do love their bottle because its made out of glass but I think they could do better for their packaging. Every time I use this foundation, I felt like there is a waste when the foundations sticks by the rims of the bottle and worried of the oxidation of the foundation.

So I transferred the foundation to my new pump bottle, it takes a while because of the thickness of the foundation. Nonetheless, I also transferred part of the labels too.

Tadaaaa!!! I gave a fresh new look to the foundation, not too bad huh? By using this pump bottle, its more convenient to dispense, hygienic and minimize oxidation of the foundation.


Have you tried repackage any of your products?


Traclyn Yeoh
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