What Do You Use To Shape Your Brows?

Usually, I trim my brows on my own, I believe I save a lot of money that way because I don’t have to pay for beauty salon services and parking or transportation fee. I do it at the comfort in my home. Unless threading which I hardly go for too. As many people would say that brows frames your eyes giving you a stronger and balanced feature, it is true. I don’t really have lots of hair for my brows especially at the beginning of my brows, they are really sparse. I totally rely on brow pencil very much and despite of having sparse brows, I still need to shape them. Enough said, here I would like to share what tools that I use to shape my brows.

What Do You Use To Shape Your Brows - Brush

Some of the brow hairs doesn’t stay where they should be. I use spoolie to brush my brow hairs in place and you can always use other brushes to comb it. With the brow hairs in place, you will shape them easier without mistakenly plucking it and left with sparse spots.

What Do You Use To Shape Your Brows - Pencil

I do use brow pencil to draw the shape of my brows before plucking. Because I know what brow shape that works well for my face shape, drawing it will determine which hair that is meant to be removed. In another method, you can always use white eye liner to outline the shape of your brows then only removed those hairs outside the line.

What Do You Use To Shape Your Brows - Scissors

Who says that your existing brows doesn’t grow any more? They still do without you noticing. Personally, I’d like to use this small scissors that is slightly curved because it helps me to avoid over trimming my brow hairs. Alternatively, you can always the scissors that comes with a comb attached to its tip. That type of scissors will help you not to over trim your brow hairs too.

What Do You Use To Shape Your Brows - Tweezer

Of course, in order to remove the unwanted brow hairs I use tweezers. When it comes to choosing tweezers, I prefer that its tip is slanted and sharp enough to grip the brow hairs. I remember I bought this from Sasa for less than MYR 10 and it has been with me for at least 4 years. Not bad for a tweezer and it has served me right till now.

What Do You Use To Shape Your Brows - Razors

Some of the brow hairs are so fine that its almost ridiculous to use tweezers to pluck them. Easiest way that I came across is to use razors. ┬áThe width of my razors is a little wide and if you’re looking for one, try to look for razors that is smaller in width. That way its easier to get around on those narrow areas of the brows.

What do you use to shape your brows? Share with me!

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