What You Can Use On Your Body Cannot Be Used On Your Face

When certain facial care products didn’t work like how it claims, it will be a waste to just dump it in the bin. Most facial care products provides hydration and you can easily use them on your body parts. I know I do or at least I know that I don’t waste it but can we use body care products on our face like the facial care products? Answer is NO and let’s find out why.


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The formula is different, where it’s richer, stronger and in larger molecules. When it’s too rich, the product could make our face skin feels greasy and since the formula could be stronger, it could make our face skin prone to sensitivity or allergy. Also, this could easily causes breakout as the product sits on the top layer of our face skin without being penetrated into the skin because of the large molecules. As the products sit on the top layer of our face skin, it oxides, collecting dust and bacteria from our surroundings, that process will help to clog our pores.


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Our face and body skin is different. Take me as an example, I have combination face skin and dry body. Both need totally opposite types of skin care product. Our face skin is thinner than body skin which is why body care products are richer and stronger because body skin are less-prone from sensitivity or allergy.

These are just some little tips I’ve learn and my body skin definitely benefited from facial skin care products before. Its also about speaking from experience where I have used body care products on my face.

Have you used any body care product on your face?


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