What’s in Pretika SonicDermabrasion Facial Brush?

Here is a show of what’s inside of my new facial brush which I have purchased it a while ago and arrived to me last week.  This facial brush isn’t the ordinary traditional facial cleansing brush, it uses sonic vibration technology to cleanse skin effectively. I have read some reviews and many said that this is the dupe of Clarisonic. Clarisonic indeed effective because I have tested in Sephora with the help of the staff there but Clarisonic cost more than MYR600.00 which is very expensive. I just couldn’t put myself in spending that much for beauty gadgets. Here’s the description on Pretika’s brush:

‘SonicDermabrasion Facial Brush features High-Frequency Rotating Cleansing Technology to remove cell debris, exfoliate and resurface skin for reduced fine lines, wrinkles and pore size and prepares the skin to better absorb skin care treatments. Use separately or in combination with skin care treatments.’ – Pretika

This is the content where you could see several items that comes in it. This cost me MYR149.00 purchasing through pre-order at DewDesire. This is much more inexpensive than Clarisonic and I have used it for almost a week now, I’m seeing positive results!


I couldn’t stress more on reaching out the manual first before using it. Make it as a habit as it saves you a lot of trouble to avoid damaging the product.

The Brush

It looks very much like Clarisonic Mia, its waterproof with comfort grips it’s side. The brush head is replaceable and it comes with two setting of vibration level. There’s a plug point at the base of it with waterproof cover. This brush needs to be charged before using.

Countertop Stand/ Cradle

I wasn’t so sure if I will be using it at first because I don’t have a countertop in my bathroom. This helps to hold the brush rather than laying it down. It could still fit on my washing sink but I’m contemplating because it holds up tiny bit of water inside.

Replacement Head

One extra replacement head is given, I am suppose to replace this heads after 3-4 months of using it. The bristle are made of micro fiber designed for delicate, sensitive and normal skin types.

Charging Cord

 This plugs to the base of the brush and because this product is from US, the plug head is in 2 flat pin. I have used with an adapter to get the brush charged since in Malaysia we are using 3-pin plug head.

I think it isn’t too bad to splurge on this brush because to think about how much we could possibly spend on facial treatments at the beauty salon. This could last me long time as long as I take care of it. I will review this after a month of using, please stay tuned!


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