What’s Your Beauty Gadget?

Do you have lots of beauty gadgets? Just wondering because I only have a few essentials to go for. Do we really need those gadgets? It really depends on your preference and concern. Some treatments can be done manually but the gadgets helps to make the treatment more effective, consistent and easier. My gadgets are inexpensive and I’m sharing what do I have and how I use them.

I bought this facial brush in 2009 and I’m still using it up until today. Its nothing fancy like Clarisonic but it does quite a decent job in exfoliating my skin. This is a rotating electric multi-functional brush and it comes with different heads (sponge and pumice) but I use this the most. This was only for MYR 20+.

This was unnecessary but because my mum gave me a voucher of buy 1 free 1. I have abandon it a while because I thought it was troublesome to use but just a couple months ago, I figured to use this to replace my dabbing motion when I’m applying my eye cream. This was originally MYR45.00 but got it half price for sharing with my colleague.

This was my recent investment after being tired of removing my underarm hair using tweezers. Using tweezers could be the most affordable way but it takes a lot of time, I always ended up with sore neck and in-growths.  Using epilator is the opposite  of what I have mentioned for tweezers and this epilator was meant for legs hairs only but I figured it can still be used for underarm. The only factor that I could thought of why the epilator is meant for legs and not for other parts of the body is the strength and speed. Maybe? I’m not too sure but I’ve never regret purchasing this. I purchased this last month from Guardian for MYR98.90.


What are your beauty gadgets?


Traclyn Yeoh
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    • I love it for the speedy gonzales,less than 5 minutes I’m done with my underarm. By far I think the pain is bearable for me and it also depends on your pain tolerance. Maybe the first time, its quite painful but as you go on, it just seems like normal tweezing but faster.

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