WIN! Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipsticks, 3 Sets Up For Grab!

March came passing by so quickly and eventful. Here comes my birthday month and to give back to you for those who have supported me strongly in my years of blogging (Youtube too). I know it’s 1st April but this ain’t no April fool. Let’s have a look what to win for this giveaway!

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Giveaway

It’s the Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipsticks! There are 3 sets to win, each set has two different shades. These lipsticks was launched quite a while ago and you can check the shades from my post of Launch of Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede. Before sharing how you could win these lipsticks, let’s check on what other bloggers has to say about it!

Sabrina Tajudin Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede

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Ruby Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede

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Your Shopping Kaki Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede

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Everyone rocked their lipsticks beautifully, isn’t it? Thank you girls! Since there are 3 sets to win, I would like to share the shades of each set for a better selection for you to participate.

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Giveaway Set A

Set A – Iconic & Preview

  • Iconic – brown with gold shimmer
  • Preview – medium magenta

Suitable for those who wants to strive for slightly bolder look.

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Giveaway Set B

Set B –  High Heels & Private Viewing

  • High Heels – candy pink
  • Private Viewing – nude with gold shimmer

Great for everyday look yet innocent

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Giveaway Set C

Set C – Fashion Forward & Womenswear

  • Fashion Forward – dark plum
  • Womenswear – medium pink

Shades that is awesome to bring the boldness out of you.

 Terms & Conditions

  • Open to all Malaysia residents, participants who is aged 18 below will have to seek for parent’s permission
  • Only one set, one comment per participant. Strictly no spamming. If you are commenting for the first time, your comment will be held for approval. Don’t worry, I ‘ll check them daily.
  • For serious participants only who sincerely care to support all beauty knowledge in, not to only aim for freebies.
  • Winner will be selected based on their creativity in their comments and will be announced in my Facebook.
  • Giveaway ends on 15 April 2014 at 11:59pm (Malaysia time).
  • Winners will also be notified through email, please do respond in 48 hours to avoid prize being forfeited.
  • Prize will be mailed personally by me.


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Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. I would like to win Set C: Fashion Forward & Womenswear.

    Of late, I have been vying to achieve that bold, sexy, elegant yet sultry look (if you get what I mean). I want my lips to be pop and accentuate the shape of my lips that I am proud of. Even the bf approves of proud lips =D

  2. I love set B-High heels and Private viewing. The pink colour suit my personality and I look like a doll with this colour. I can wear it at any function and the colour make me look attractive.

  3. I would like to win Set C – Fashion Forward & Womenswear. I want to be recognized as a bold lady and not as what people think of me when they saw me. People used to think that i am a passive and silent person. Fashion Forward and Womenswear Lipstick could help me to reflect and bring boldness out of me.

  4. I want to win Set B – high heels and private viewing. I love pink, and nude colour fyi. Im working as a part time model and a fulltime guest service assistant , so lipstick is one way to gain my confidence level. With favourite colour on lips, Im sure I will work more happily and with this high heels or private viewing lipstick, Im sure I will have the sexiest smile ever (:

    *revlon makeup never disappoints us. *
    Nadira Kushari recently updated..Review : Bag of Love January Edition 2014My Profile

  5. I would like to win Set C Fashion Forward and Womenswear to give myself a refreshing change of look aside from looking all pastel-ish and cute all the time (my usual gyaru style), though i may have retired from my runway days but that doesn’t mean i can’t pull off a vogue and edgy look daily with revlon colorstay ultimate suede lipsticks. As for the womenswear shade it’s the perfect balance to fashion forward if i’m feeling more girly on certain days, might add it’s a perfect combo for bipolar people like me LOL 8D

    Thanks Traclyn!

  6. Set A – Iconic & Preview
    It’s awesome to blend in and be protected, yet it’s even more awesome to be bold and daring. I would like to achieve a confident and courageous woman-power look; I want to be bold and beautiful 😉
    CpMooN recently updated..Miss Hana Water Proof Gel EyelinerMy Profile

  7. Hello there 🙂 I’d love to win set B because I don’t have any shades of lipstick which are like these two. I’d wear them on a weekly weekend basis. To me, they two might be my new best wearable colours because I like to dress myself up like a princess in dresses & heels when I go out 😀
    Jia Hui recently updated..Havaianas Summer KitMy Profile

  8. I would love Set A – Iconic & Preview. My fashion style has always been to not just follow the current trends blindly, but rather I strive to be a trend setter. What better way to put myself at the forefront than with these two striking shades on my lips; Iconic for a bolder look and Preview for that strong female character kind of look.


  9. I like Set B – High Heels and Private Viewing!

    To me, the most sexy and attractive lips do not come with bloody red, in fact the natural pinkish looking catches the attention of the popularity. Gorgeous girly dresses, blinking high heels, big old-fashioned sunglasses, mom’s lipsticks… this set brings back my youngish dreams!

  10. I would like to win the set C – Fashion Forward & Womenswear as I prefer a slight bold colour as I have a pigmented lips but with zombie kinda fair skin. Need some colour pop on my lips to make my face less zombie-like 😛 Besides I can’t wait to test myself on the real texture of “suede” lipstick 🙂
    Alicia.L recently updated..Beauty & Health from Within – Clinicell Oral SkincareMy Profile

  11. I would like to win Set A: Iconic and Preview. I set my own fashion and I would say that I don’t really like mainstream styles. I love to be different from the crowd and I think this set of lippie can help me in creating a more personalized make up. I love punk and street fashion and both Iconic and Preview lipsticks can go well with the rocker and punky styles! I guess both of the lip colours will look good with my heavy metal necklaces and silver skull earrings.

  12. I would like to have the set B, high heels and private viewing.
    The color is so lovely and it would make me feel good all day long with the cute color. The shade would be suitable for everyone.

  13. wanted to join this giveaway for quite sometime but been busy and hasn’t have time to properly sit down and compose this comment!! I love to win set B-high heel and private viewing. I think the candy pink is perfect for me when I attend beauty event as i love to wear girly and dressy dress with high heel so this shade will definitely fit me!!!The private viewing in nude with gold shimmer is big love for me..I love everything shimmer and of course nude is such a nice colour to play around…it help to soften the entire look if I have bright colours going on..and I think it will be perfect for some beach look too..because of the golden shimmer when the sunlight shine on it i bet it will look amazingly beautiful!
    cindy tong recently updated..How to Save Damage or Bleached Hair & DIY Deep ConditioningMy Profile

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