YAY! Another Award!

Another award from dearest JeanJean.That is so sweet of her to think of me for this award. I appreciate it so much for all the awards coming in at once.

‘This award is called Humane Award. Humane as being categorized by kindness, mercy or compassion; marked by an emphasis humanistic value and concerns.’

  1. Accept and post the award on your blog.
  2. Link to the person from whom you received it.
  3. Pass the award to 5 other blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgment.
  4. Let them know they’ve been chosen for this award.

Before I start to nominate, I like to share some teddy tales of mine. This is totally not required for this award. It’s lengthy and you may skipped this if you’re too lazy to read this.

When I was small, Dad started with having some fishes and tortoise as pets. As time goes by the fishes died one by one and Dad did not gave up on having more fishes but the fishes never really live long no matter how hard my Dad tried. The turtles are fine and grew up as an adult tortoise. They even laid eggs but they didn’t know how to take care of it and ate it. One day I manage to save one egg, kept it in the sand and under the sun but nothing came out after weeks. Dad even brought back another type of tortoise that doesn’t require to stay wet but dry.  As the tortoise grew bigger, we don’t have much space in the house and Dad took them away to his workplace. One day his work place flooded and the tortoise ran away. Since them no more pets around the house.

A couple of years back when my eldest brother brought back a sick kitten called Simba. He was very cute in orange color. Loves having people around, stays in my brother’s cargp pant’s pocket while shopping and cuddles into us. He was a sick kitten and one day his condition gotten worse. I was alone at home and taking care of the kitten. At one point, he was just laying on the basket without much movement. I hold him and fed him with water. He is still breathing but lost his bowel control. I was young and didn’t know what to do. At the end the kitten died in my hands.

After a few weeks later, my friend’s someone is having some occasion in her relative house and invited me over. There was a stray kitten kept trying to go into the house but the people just kick the poor kitten out. It was a tabby and I took her home. This kitten was then named ‘Happy’ because having her around makes me felt more happy and having a company is always great. Later on she died due to poisoning. She licked on the perfume bottle. I cried so badly for almost a week and whenever her name was mentioned. My eldest brother’s girlfriend at that time was worried about me since I miss my cat too much. I even dreamt about her asking for food on the 7th night after her death and back then it was 2002. I shall miss her dearly.

I think after a few months later, my eldest brother and his girlfriend brought back a Burmese kitten from SPCA. She was cute and beautiful in brownish back fur. She wasn’t afraid at her new place but excited and kept walking around to inspect the new house of hers. She has made my life go on even without Happy and I do believe that she wants me to be happy too. Coffee has companied me  for very long now, almost 7-8 years with me. Though at times it could be tough to teach her and get some serious long scratches from her, I still love her. You see when you adopt a pet when they are small, they are just babies and you have to teach them everything slowly and every step they need to take. They are animals but sometimes it’s okay to treat them as part of your family as their existence make a difference. I hope Coffee do enjoy her life in this house as much as I enjoy her company. Below is her cute picture of her sleeping at the balcony and I sneaky snapshot her.

Other than taking care of her, I always carry a small bag of cat biscuits in my bag whenever I go except for special occasions. Why? I will feed it to the stray cats I see along my way. They are not as lucky as many other house cats that gets a home or permanent shelter without worrying to hunt for food. Although I can’t bring them home, I hope the food will help them a little.

Back to the award and I shall nominate:

1. Dee from Hanidee
She once featured me in her blog and made my day. A beauty blogger from the States who supported me so well (even on criticisms on me).

2. Mina from Shinbi_Belldandy
A girl from the States that able to talk to me about everything. She is one friendly and detailed person. I believe she loves anime or manga. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

3. Connie from Skindeco
A girl with great talent in makeup with great lovely pets around her. Love her cute sugarglider.

4. Melinda Rudy from Makeup for Noobies
A person whom I owe her because she send me gift since I help her to get some information. She has just started a beauty blog not long ago. Show some support ya~

5. Lynn from 101 Compiled Beauty
The first ever blogger I met and had a lot of fun with. You probably read her name in many of my entries. Young, beautiful and careful girl shares great informative finds with me. Our online chatting just never stop. We always share our temptations and update each other on what are the new bargains that we found.

Thanks JeanJean for this lovely award. You reminded me some sweet memories I had back then. For those who are nominated, enjoy the award!

Stay Beautiful Always,


Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! COFFEE IS SO CUTE!!!! I love her!! I bet she loves being spoiled! ::HUGS KITTY!!:: I bet she has her own special pillow or kitty bed doesnt she?

    Thanks for the award!! ::HUG:: I feel so loved! And yes you got it right, I love anime & manga! heehee!

    I found a picture of Snow in the dress I told you about. I’m putting it up now in a new post!


  2. @Anonymous – Hey sexy, I know who are you.

    @Shinbi_Belldandy – Isn’t she? She is spoiled, very very. Hahaha. She doesn’t have her own pillow or kitty bed. She takes up our two-seat sofa and sometimes she sleeps on my bed. I don’t mind and I enjoy her company.

    No problem on the award anyways. You deserve it. I saw Snow and she is so adorable!

    @melinda – No worries! Enjoy it!

    @LyNn – Welcome girl! Coffee is extremely cute at times but sometimes she can be fierce too. How long did you have your tortoise? I had that for quite long it was a couple of years until they laid eggs.

    @mapple – Thank you! I appreciate it so much.

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