Yes & No Food For Acne-Free Skin

Having acne skin can be a great adventure in discovering  and learning what’s best for ourselves. Recently, I have just learned more what are the food that I should take and avoid to improve my skin condition especially the stubborn post -acne scars and excess sebum production. Thanks to Facial First’s facial therapist in opening my thoughts when I had my facial treatment done on last weekend and I want to share this out. In my health history, I have never develop any allergy from food and I was never that picky in food but I don’t  take raw meat. According to Facial First’s facial therapist ( I should have asked for her name, my bad), try to make it as a practice for 6 months to show results. What do you think are the food for acne-free skin?

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Seafood doesn’t seems to harm and of course, they all look delicious too! Especially in Chinese practice, abstinence from seafood is important when we had major surgery, deep cuts and major sickness because they are ‘poisonous’ for our body and could cause inflammation or scars. I have seen some have been proven and some not. Plus, what these sea creatures has for their consumption are plankton, larvae, detritus and more unless the big fishes.

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Fried and spicy food are to avoided since they are considered has ‘heaty’ food especially in countries that gets a lot of sun. When your body is too heaty, it could change your hormone which causes it to be imbalance. Hormone imbalance could also be the cause of acne breakouts. Eating oily food doesn’t cause excess sebum production but it becomes fat when it doesn’t turn into energy.

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Fruits are packed with tons of vitamins and nutrition. Taking fruits daily by itself or having it to blend to juices or smoothie. Fruits are not only supplying vitamins and nutrition, they also help in detoxing and relief body heatiness. Plus, if you happen to blend your fruits, you’ll learn and experience various types of green recipes!

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Sometimes in no matter how healthy we are trying to practice with our food intake, it has never seems to be right. It works on some individual and some doesn’t because every individual is different. This is where supplements comes in to give a boost of vitamin and nutrition for our body. Supplements like Vitamin C, Q10 and Evening Primrose Oil are great in maintaining health and skin. Calcium supplement was mentioned too but I’m not too sure why should it be taken.

Other side advice is to make ensure detoxing activity such as taking in green tea, exercise, drink 2-3 liters of water, regulate sleeping hours and daily bowel movement. Toxins that are not eliminated could also cause acne. It’s hard for me to put myself into abstinence state immediately because I love my food too much! But for the sake of my skin, I will try to reduce my intake on seafood, fried and spicy food.


What’s your take on this?


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