Your Very Own Personalize Vanity Trove, Pick Your Own Samples!

With the beauty box that you subscribe, you might not happen to use all of the samples that they have provided. Are you guilty of chucking them aside? Vanity Trove heard our grief and they are introducing a smart system for us. Something that we can choose and will never abandon it the samples.

Personalize Your Vanity Trove! 2

Yes,  Vanity Trove is  allowing us to customize our very own box according to our preference and they still remain their subscription fee of MYR 50.00. This system recommends best suited products based on your beauty profile and also the likes and wishlist of the brands and products you have selected in Vanity Trove website. How to get your personalized trove?

Personalize Your Vanity Trove! - Beauty Profile

Simply update your beauty profile here for the smart system to understand you from head to toe. Just a few questions and you’re half way there. For this smart system to understand what you have been wishing for, participate in Vanity Trove website by liking the brand & product and adding them to your wishlist will help to unlock more samples for you!

Personalize Your Vanity Trove - Pick Your Samples

Once you’re done with your beauty profile, you will be prompted to select your 8 samples of your choice based on your beauty profile, brands and products that you liked and wished for. You will also be able to select those samples when they are released. Once you’re done with selecting your very own samples, you will receive your trove within 7 working days!

By supporting Vanity Trove Malaysia, you will be updated tips and advices, trove sneak peeks and more updates from them. Just like their Facebook below and you’re done!

Who’s up for your own personalized trove?


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