Avon Solutions Advanced Eye Perfector with Peptides Review

Avon Solutions Advance Eye Perfector with Peptides

Avon Solutions Advanced Eye Perfector with Peptides comes in a small jar, suitable for normal skin. One of the item that caught my eye and made me to become Avon’s fan.  Although its in a small jar, but I think it last me for more than a month. It’s very handy especially for traveling.

Avon Solutions Advance Eye Perfector with Peptides 2

You can actually tell how much I love this product. Since my last eye cream which is Garnier, I haven’t really use any eye cream but when I saw this I was so tempted. It was really cheap, only for RM10.90 for member’s price and I think I bought it a couple of months back. The retail price is RM19.90, therefore joining to be Avon’s member gets amazing discounts. It’s in a peachy gel texture and if you look at the picture, it look kind of yummy too!

Avon Solutions Advance Eye Perfector with Peptides 3

It feels light upon application, of course by using the appropriate amount but I love to apply thicker before going to bed at night. The best thing is while using this I never had any breakout at all. It feels refreshing during the day. I figured that it worked well to relief puffy eyes but not dark circles. Also, I have some fine lines under my eye and it faded a little. I like that it’s keeps my eye area moisture level balanced and most importantly it doesn’t irritate my eye area.


  • Small jar, great for traveling
  • Cheap
  • Moisturize well
  • Non-sticky
  • Light texture
  • Refreshing and reduces eye puffiness


  • Doesn’t lighten up dark circles

My rating: 4/5

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  1. YAY review!!

    I may have to try this. Avon is epic here but I havent used anything in years. I love my Skyn eye cream but that’s $45 for a small jar. It’s awesome but I dont have the money to buy it all the time. http://www.skyniceland.com/product-detail.php?item_id=5&sb=ca Have you tried it? It’s very soothing & has a cooling effect. I didnt bad dark circles until my allergies developed & I didnt sleep well. This cream helps alot. So does sleep. XD The only reason I tried it was because I won a $50 gift card to Victoria Secret & they sell the eye cream. It was a good investment. 

    The only difficult thing about it is it’s a VERY dense moussy cream so it’s a bit tricky to get out. I end up scraping some on the side of the jar to avoid putting on too much so I make sure to put my eye cream on first right after I cleanse my face. I know my fingers are clean & I’m not mixing products. After that it absorbs well & I look bright eyed & well rested…even though I’m not. haha!

  2. 15ml is standard for eye care products so the size is not too bad. But I can imagine it finishing up quite quickly since it’s gel. Thanks for the review! I’ve heard good things about it too but I’d prefer something to help with dark circles

  3. Thank you for the review.  I haven’t tried an Avon product in years, but I just may give this one a try.  It sounds like just what I’ve been looking for.  I’m always in search of a good eye cream that will help protect my skin.  I’m very careful to use a quality professional makeup brush when applying concealer to the dark circles under my eyes.  I don’t want to damage my skin.

  4. @Shinbi_Belldandy – Avon is epic here too, not many Chinese would use them I guess. Skyn for $45? its really expensive! I’m still in the search of better eye creams, at least fades a little of dark eye circles and relief eye tiredness.

    @Got_Takoyaki – Yeah you should give it a try~

    @Connie – Yeap and the gel texture is not too sticky. Imagine how addictive to apply on eye area. Me too, eying for something better and more affordable.

    @georgiek – No worries.Hope this eye cream treats you right.

  5. I saw my mom holding this the other day,will try it soon.My friend told me that my dark circles reduced after using the Garnier Light Eye Roller.

  6. @Eilna –  Garnier Light Eye Roller did helped you to reduce dark eye circle? That’s good, it only helped me to reduce puffiness. I guess I need to work harder for my dark eye circles.

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