Coach 70th Anniversary Cocktails

Coach celebrates it’s 70th anniversary just last month and I was very lucky to be able to attend for it’s celebration. It was held in their outlet at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

Upon registration, guests were given a goody bag each. There’s a book of Coach’s Legacy of Craftsmanship, Coach’s hair clip, Coach’s post-it notes and Shu Uemura’s cash voucher. I love the book where it has educated me how Coach started and every passion and commitment embedded to create every of their masterpiece.

The ambiance was classy and cozy, nothing too loud. Guests were served with refreshments from T.G.I Fridays, juices and wines throughout the event . There were body art painter, guest are allowed to select which and where they want their body art to be.

In store displayed some of it’s Madison Collection in glass cabinets. Their bags and purses look very chic and elegant. Personally, I think the white one is lovely.

Some of the guest left after a long wait without knowing what’s the agenda for the celebration. Coach Brand Manager, Linda with one of Female Magazine fashion editor have a short sharing of fashion updates for this celebration.

The celebration then commenced with fashion show parading Madison Collection. Aside from the bags and purses, I’m in love with the models’ leather jacket and coats. It’s too warm to wear them in Malaysia! *sigh* I missed the first few models, they were a little fast.

Awww look how pretty the white bag is! See how the models parades the bags and purses? It goes along with the Madison collection looking trendy, chic and elegant.

The celebration ended with chocolate lollies, I was so delighted when they brought them over. Presented over by buckets with Coach label on it, each chocolate lollies has Coach 70th Anniversary logo on it. It’s all about the details and I love it wasn’t just milk chocolate. It was combined with dark chocolate which I love the most, making the entire lolly not overwhelmingly sweet.

Last but not least, here is Linda with me and it was great to know her. My BF knows her personally and she’s really sweet and friendly.


Traclyn Yeoh
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