Coco Steam Boat, Great For It’s Wholesome Pork Bone Soup!

It was Friday night when I first came here brought by a bunch of friends. Looks like another ordinary steam boat eatery but my friend told us that this steam boat is famous for its pork bone soup base. This is my second trip with my Lover’s family.

We arrived at 8:00pm and look how busy this place is! This is only half of what you’re seeing, there’s even more on both ends. I recommend to do reservation or you’ll might end up standing for as long as there’s an empty table for you.

This steam boat is definitely non-halal. Above is the menu and you may click on the image to for a larger view. This photo is larger than the other  images, just so you could look at the food selection and price.  There’s soup base, add on dishes and drinks. You’ll get to see what we’ve ordered, there are five of us.

Complimentary of fried garlic and chilli sauce to add flavour to your steam boat. This can be refilled as much as you want at their little stations.

Fried Chicken Wing

While waiting for the soup base and orders to come, it will take quite some time. I recommend trying these fried chicken wings as your starter/appetizer. It’s marinated with fermented beancurd, crispy outside and the meat is juicy.

Price: MYR2.80 per pair 

Steam Boat Set for 2 person

The set comes with fried bean curd skins, dumplings, tofus, imitation crab sticks, prawns, yam, fei tip, eggs, vermicelli noodles and yee mee. The quantity of the variety depends on how many portion ordered.

Price: MYR15.80

A Wholesome Pork Bone Soup

This is a must try soup base when you come around and you’ll usually find some huge pork bones in there. The soup I believe is cooked with yam with goji berry and heavily flavoured with pepper grounds. Maybe other herbs that included that I might not know. Soup is refillable and just seek for the waiter/waiteress. They will usually use the kettle which is filled with the soup in it.

Price: MYR17.90 ( Refillable)

Fried Beancurd Skin

An additional order to add on, one of my favourite!

Price: MYR7.90

Sliced Pork

The sliced pork are shabu-shabu style, just dip into the soup to cook it. Not too much fat and flavour to it.

Price: MYR11.90

Sliced Lamb

Also, in shabu-shabu style, this is one of the best meat to be taken for its flavour and not too much of fat. I love lamb than the rest of the meat.

Price: MYR11.90

Sliced Beef

The beef is very lean which doesn’t have much flavour once its cooked. Also sliced for shabu-shabu style.

Price: MYR11.90

Hong Kong Lettuce

Though there’s a lot of meat, vegetables are to balance up the diet. The vegetable is very fresh but I reckon, it’s quite pricey for vegetables.

Price: MYR7.90

Chinese Spinach

One of my favourite vegetable for stir-fry or soup and in this case, it goes very well with the soup! Its fresh and again, I think it’s pricey for just vegetables.

Price: MYR7.90

Golden Mushroom

My lovers and my favourite! This is only half of a whole that we usually get from the supermarket and it’s quite pricey here too. At least, its clean and no sandy residues.

Price: MYR5.90

Fei Tip

If you’re wondering what’s this, the skin is made of fish paste and inside it’s pork. The fish skin is very tengy but the pork too little. Fei Tip is in Cantonese which means flying saucer, it explains the shape of it. I love this and Lover too!

Price: MYR7.90

Stuffed Meatball

These are not ordinary pork meatball, inside there is minced pork mixed soup. When you eat this, you’ll have to be careful not to burn your lips of tongue. The soup inside is very little, sometimes I can’t even tell if there’s any.

Price: MYR8.90

Ming Prawn

The waitress who took our order insist that we should try this and unaware that the price is freaking expensive!  The prawns are bigger than in the steamboat set but we weren’t been told how much that it would cost us. Basically, it cost about MYR8.00 per  piece in our case.

Price: MYR32.00 (Seasonal)

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To be frank, I still love having steam boat here but it’s going to be occasionally because its pricey here. I do recommend it especially to try the soup, the flavour is quite strong and yummy. Another backlash is to wait for the order to come. It took us about half and hour wait, so if you want to dine there you’ll have to bare with it. I think it really depends on the amount of crowd. I have yet to see it with lesser people. Also, they do not charge any tax and that probably explains why their food is pricey.

Coco Steam Boat

Main Branch: No.37 Ground Floor Jalan 1/119, Taman Bukit Hijau, 56100 Cheras Kuala Lumpur.
Branch: No.2 Lorong Jurga, Off Batu Tiga Jalan Kelang Lama, 58100 Kuala Lumpur

For reservation contact: Steve Wong 013-639 6596, Jasly Wong 016-206 2849


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