December 2011 Hits & Misses

Hits and misses are really great for a quick review products of the past month. I thought this could be useful because at times I just want to mention about the product but just didn’t have time to come out with full review on it.

Beauty Mate Anti Blemish Repairing Nano Lotion

This claims to help to diminish acne and redness leaving skin soft and energetic. I bought this in August when there was an opening store sale in Level 6, Pavilion and the discounted price is for MYR24.95. I use this since I bought it, stopped about a month and a half and started using it again. It hasn’t done anything much for my skin except for moisturizing  purposes because I’m still getting breakouts. I just use this for moisturizing purposes only, the only thing I like about this is that it feels light after you apply this.

Bobbi Brown Powerful Palette

My BFF and I could not stop loving Bobbi Brown! I won this palette through a giveaway that Bobbi Brown Malaysia Facebook and YAY! I have it since April and I didn’t use it because it’s too precious for me to use but when I decided to finally use it, I would bring this when I had to go for earthy or quick makeup before I head to events. This palette is so useful, it comes with four eye shadows (three mattes and one shimmer), blusher and three lip gloss. Its such an on-the-go palette and I love this! They are retailing at stores for MYR 230.00. I love how the palette packaging is with black background and pink writings.

Pop Beauty Pretty Punk Palette

I use this palette in my NYE Night Out tutorial and bought this in Sephora Singapore for SGD15. I love how pigmented all the eye shadows and has great iridescent effect to the shimmery ones. This palette comes with 12 eye shadows which I think if very reasonable and has magnet to keep the palette close when you’re not using it. The only downfall for this palette is the crazy fall outs! If you watch my video, you can see how I had to use facial cotton at almost all time to apply my eye makeup.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

This is my first of trying matte lip color and I’m in love with this lip cream. They aren’t lip sticks or gloss, it’s lip cream. They are highly pigmented and I grabbed this in November, check here for more details. The only downfall for this is they are not moisturizing enough (not for me), I fix this by applying lip balm before using this and it seems a little creamy than matte finish that way.

Elianto Glossy Lip Pencil in Hot Pink

I started using lip liner now and its nothing out-of-date using it. In fact, it helps to accentuate the shape of your lips. I bought this from my last Elianto haul and this is surely moisturizing. I tried using this then the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa  and I don’t have to apply lip balm earlier at all. The staying power is pretty alright and it helps to stain lips for a bit, it doesn’t show very clear wear off when it comes out. I’m not sure if it’s still available in the store since it’s sold in the warehouse.

Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipstick in Berry Berry Nice

Red lips can never go wrong, it is still in the trend now and popular as statement. I recommend getting this if you just wanted to give a try on red lips. This is creamy, very pigmented, moisturizing and very affordable. I had this for some time ago and it’s less than MYR20.00, you don’t have to worry on spending too much. Why not give a try?

Biore Makeup Remover for Eye and Lip

This is my current favorite makeup remover and I’m having a giveaway for this if you haven’t know. It removes makeup effortlessly and if you have tight-line your eyes, you just have to dispense this product onto a cotton bud and work your way out. I love that it leaves skin so moisturized and soft, suitable for my oily skin too. I also use this when I do my makeup for my clients, just to clean up some mistakes or mess. It gets my job done easily and by far my client hasn’t complain any irritations, so am I!

Rimmel London 60 Seconds in Rapid Ruby

I was looking for a deep red nail polish for the Christmas last month and I did review this nail polish but it was in different shade (find out here). I remembered that Rimmel London has quite a number of affordable red nail polishes and this is exactly how I wanted it! The shade is vibrant yet subtle. Love it!

Lolane Shiny Hair Coat

I bought this last month and I thought it was dodgy at first because having this hair coat from Bloop which isn’t their brand. Surprisingly, I love this hair coat! The oil-like texture maybe a little too oily when you dispense or apply too much. I use only one pump for my medium hair length and only apply at the hair ends after showering. After using it for more then a month now, my hair no longer feel rough or dry. At times, I also use it before I use hair dryer and it kept my hair away from damaging. Awesome~


 Any of these interest you or have you tried them?


Traclyn Yeoh
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    • Thanks babe! I only have this POP palette at the moment, tempted to try more though. I just splurged. GAH, will update on that soon~

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