Face Mapping Facial Treatment

Face mapping is nothing new and its more commonly known in make-up terms especially when it comes to highlighting and contouring the face. The term ‘face mapping’ is not only limited in make-up practice but it can also be applied to skin care. Some of us may have more than just one skin concern which is what makes this method much more useful. You can treat  your skin accordingly to what’s needed. Enjoy the tutorial!

Its pretty simple and easy ya?  It sort of saves your time because you are treating your skin with multiple treatments at one ago without going through different treatments which could be time consuming. If you still prefer to use only one treatment at a time, you can still go with it. This is just another idea of how you could treat and feed your skin!


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Traclyn Yeoh
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A Malaysian beauty blogger expressing her views on beauty and life's other superficial aspects. Not to mention, beauty tutorials to appease the die-hard beauty junkies.

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