All the while I thought that I have good friends with me. They do exist and I appreciate them very much. Thank you for being such a good friend of mine. Somehow there is one now turned out to be a huge hypocrite or I should say a sly. What a person I have met and all the troubles that she has caused me and my friends to go through. She did not know who is treating her good, do not know how to appreciate her friend’s effort, and whatever that her friends’ does. For this person, I would just want to know her once and that’s it. For her to make a personal attack against her friend who has just ask for a return of his personal belongings that he borrowed to her, that is so wrong. For this kind of friend, I would just say good bye and I don’t need a friend like you anymore because I have better friends who knows how to treasure friendship a lot better than you do. I couldn’t believe that a friend would not even help and hang around with friends who are from the same country, but aiming to meet more white people when she is only hooked up very often with three guys and a girl who are not from where she is now.

Therefore, I appreciate a lot on whatever my friends have done for me. Thank you very much. If it’s not because of friends, one would be lonely.

If anyone interested to know who is this person I’m speaking about, do let me know. I will let you know the whole story. Please send a message to my inbox.

♥ Traclyn Yeoh

Traclyn Yeoh
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