Going Through Breakout Phase After Indulging Into AquaCell Yoga Visage at CRES Wellness Is Not In My Favor

Who doesn’t love a relaxing time-out after a stressful stretch of work or studies? Stress is one of the factor that contributes to skin deterioration. Although my skin has been improving through great care and effort, I am constantly looking for ways to have even better skin. Two weeks ago, I paid a visit to Cres Wellness to get myself treated with one of their facial treatment, Aquacell Yoga Visage.

Cres Wellness The Gardens

I have made my appointment 2 weeks earlier for 11:30am at one of their outlets in The Gardens and they have 9 outlets throughout Malaysia. It was very kind of them that they called to remind on my appointment but I missed their call and they left me a SMS to confirm the appointment. Glancing briefly to look for their contact number, I have called them to confirm to attend to my appointment. On day of my appointment, I turned up at their outlet 10 minutes earlier and found that my appointment is only at 12:00pm. If I would like to wait, there isn’t anyone who is available to attend to do my treatment. I’m not quite sure what went wrong with the appointment arrangement and I was very sure that when I made my appointment, they did set me up at 11:30am. I have checked on the SMS reminder sent by them on the day before, it is stated 12:00pm.

Cres Wellness The Gardens Interior

I returned to the outlet at 12:00pm where I was attended by Ms Lim, who is one of the consultants and assisted me to be seated.

Cres Wellness AquaCell Yoga Visage Details

Served with tea, I was asked to fill this from. Basically, its personal details, skin type, lifestyle and medical record. Nothing too complicated and this form is also for them to register me into their database.

Cres Wellness AquaCell Yoga Visage Treatment Room

I was then ushered by Josephine who is one of the beauticians that will be doing my treatment. She led me to a dimmed treatment room at the end of the hall and I was told that I should get change. Before I could proceed, she also showed me the lockers where I could safe-keep my bag. Rest assured that all of their customers hold their own locker key.

Cres Wellness AquaCell Yoga Visage Treatment Room 2

Sat on the treatment bed is a hanger with rolled tube dress that I should be wearing. If you wondering why should you change to the dress, it is because during the facial, massage involved from the shoulder and half of your back to promote better blood circulation and toxin elimination. Since I’m holding the locker key and they do not have any strap to wear on by the wrist. I had to hold the key in my hands most of the time.

Cres Wellness AquaCell Yoga Visage Treatment Progress 1

I wasn’t able to remember the entire step of the treatment precisely but it does involves a lot of cleansing and mask. At the very beginning of the treatment, my face was pre-cleansed and cleansed. What I do realize is that Josephine always use luke warm water to clean my face after every step which felt very comfortable and used a relaxing mist after every cleansing to sooth my skin. Josephine applied facial pad soaked with lotion on my forehead, nose and chin to soften the blackheads and whiteheads for easier extraction in the next step. Steam was also used when I had the lotion-soaked facial pad on. During the extraction, I could feel that strong pressure being applied to pushed those nasty gunks and there are a few times, I did felt as though being pricked by needle which I believe is to unclog those stubborn gunks. It has been quite a while since I have last undergone extraction and it was adequately painful.

Cres Wellness AquaCell Yoga Visage Treatment Progress 2

After the pain from the extractions, Josephine settled down with face massage, ultrasonic device for better product penetration and face mask. Of all the mask and lotion applied during this treatment, this would be longest time to leave on which is 20 minutes. When I was left alone having the mask sitting on my face, I noticed it was very quiet at first. There wasn’t any music and I was getting uncomfortable on the treatment bed as my shoulder began to hurt for a bit. If only the bed can be lowered, it would be better. For the entire 20 minutes, I could hear footsteps, clonking sound of cutlery (maybe) and microwave dings. When Josephine came to remove my mask, the music went live. The best part of this treatment is the massage at the end of the session, where heavier pressure was applied onto my face, shoulder and back which helped to relief my back ache slightly.

Cres Wellness The Gardens Ms Lim & Josephine

Thank you for the kind and friendly assistance. From left to right is Ms Lim, me and Josephine. Right after the treatment, I do feel my skin is much more hydrated and soft.

Cres Wellness AquaCell Yoga Visage Treatment Before & After

Here is a comparison on before and after of the treatment. I took the ‘After’ 2 days later after the treatment. My skin is much brighter and radiant as compared with ‘Before’. Redness is reduced at the sides of my nose. However, I had some breakouts within 5 days from the treatment.

Cres Wellness AquaCell Yoga Visage Treatment Before & After Close Up

If you look carefully, the breakout came to my forehead and chin area. I find that my nasobial line is not as deep as before, it seemed plumped and less prominent. My skin felt very oily after an hour from the treatment and the oiliness didn’t subside throughout a few days.

Above all…

This treatment was a great time-off to relax, treat and pamper my skin, however going through the phase of breaking out is a no-no for me. As much as I’m being paranoid of having breakout, I do not want to see my skin to go “bad” anymore. Some say the breakout after treatment can be good as it draws out the dirt from deep within and increases skin metabolism but for me to breakout within the 5 days is overwhelming.  Maybe it’s just my skin reacting to this treatment, it could be different for others. Anywho, I did notice that the blackheads are much lesser now on my nose even after 2 weeks. My skin seems to be in the thirst of my skincare, they absorbed faster than before.

Price: MYR450.00 (per session)

If you’re interested to find out on Cres Wellness latest update, give them a like on their Facebook below or check out their website at CresWellness.com.

My Rating: 3/5


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This treatment was provided by CRES Wellness for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

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