Halloween 2010 at Euphoria by Ministry of Sound

Halloween is over and how did everyone celebrate theirs? I hope you guys had fun like I did. It’s awesome to meet and greet few fellow ghouls and zombiesat Euphoria by Ministry of Sound even characters from games or anime! Here are the pictures that I promised from my last post.

Creepy wall portrait No. 1

Creepy wall portrait No.2

Cute little pumpkin. Lighted the tea light in it and infused with awful smell.

Cuddly couples of french maid and Star Trooper

I look ain’t that bad with the Star Trooper headgear isn’t it? Rocker Trooper, yea?

The bunch and at the most right is a Hantu Pocong.

This is what happen when Darth Maul meets Star Trooper.

Farlina with Chucky

Ichimaru Bankai (Kevin) and sweaty me after dancing for hours.

Bloody zombie even his hands was bloody stained and wet.

Some big head skeleton, not sure if he has any name. Any idea?

My BF, Tim, Lich King and Kevin.

Farlina with a 6-footer zombie.

Thanks to Farlina for the photos! Everyone did so well with their costume. There are more like langsuir or pontianak and some of them were holding baby with coffin, creative yet creepy. Do share it with me what creep you and what not, where did you go and anything scary happens?

Hope you guys had fun!


Traclyn Yeoh
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