Heun Kee Clay-Pot

This time we look at some classic dishes of Heun Kee Chicken Clay-pot Rice. Recently, this has been reviewed by local newspaper, The Star here. This is one of great place for dinner and I’ve been here for a couple of times. I figured this is one of a good share for food lovers out there!

What I love about here is they are still cooking in the traditional by using charcoal on their famous clay-pot rice. Traditional way of cooking is still the best.

Look at the flaming hot fires burning from the charcoal, we don’t really have to wait too long for this either. See the other pot where they have a pile of charcoal on top of the clay-pot? It’s a two heat system which helps to lock moisture in the clay-pot. It’s very special isn’t it?

They have a huge board which is the menu, do click on the image above to enlarge. There are so many to choose from food to beverages, prices are all listed too.

Dish #1: Clay-pot Chicken Rice (Large)

This is their signature dish that is a MUST-TRY! As you can see in the middle there is a small little bowl, it contains salted fish. I’m not a fan of salted fish, don’t ask me how was it. The rice is good and well cooked as it doesn’t char at the base of the clay-pot. It’s very fragrant and tasted good! However at times, it was a little lack of sauce.

Price: MYR 22.00

Dish #2: Pork Belly with White Pepper Soup (Large)

This is one of my favorite dish but if you’re not a fan of pork belly, this might not be your dish. This dish has almost half a clay-pot filled with the pork belly and it’s fresh, you can tell from the texture. It’s not too chewy and the soup is not too spicy to go with. It’s great when it comes to rainy day. RECOMMENDED!

Price: MYR 24.00

Dish #3: Stir Fry Pak Choy (Medium)

This vegetable is at average as it was a little tasteless but it still can be taken. It wasn’t too oily or watery either. Not bad~

Price: MYR7.00

Dish #4: Tofu with Fried Shallot

It’s cold tofu and if your tummy is sensitive to cold food, this might not be your choice. This is delicious but it was lack of sauce. Yummy though~

Price: MYR8.00

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Heun Kee is located not too far away from Kuala Lumpur city. It’s one of the authentic food that you should try! However, this is not recommended for Muslims as they serve pork.

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